September 16, 2014

Top 10 Investment Myths (Part V)

Don't Get Ruined by These 10 Popular Investment Myths (Part V)
Interest rates, oil prices, earnings, GDP, wars, terrorist attacks, inflation, monetary policy, etc. -- NONE have a reliable effect on the stock market

Russia Hot Money Flows to Hong Kong Amid Sanctions

By Wolf Richter at Wolf Street

The sanctions, the last batch of which took effect on Friday, are targeting with ever increasing intensity the Russian economy and a growing number of key individuals. The defense, financial, and energy sectors have been hit the hardest. Oil and gas exports are Russia’s economic and fiscal lifeblood; Western financing is Russia’s corporate lifeblood. And that’s where the sanctions have begun to bite viciously. But not only in Russia….

Scottish Referendum: Origins and Implications

By George Friedman for Stratfor Global Intelligence  

The idea of Scottish independence has moved from the implausible to the very possible. Whether or not it actually happens, the idea that the union of England and Scotland, which has existed for more than 300 years, could be dissolved has enormous implications in its own right, and significant implications for Europe and even for global stability.

Peak Coal Demand in China?

By Nick Cunningham for 

A recent report from Greenpeace found that China's coal consumption declined in the first half of this year and new Chinese government data suggests that the country's coal imports have dropped. Estimates indicate that by the end of the year, China's coal imports could be 8 percent below 2013 levels. 

China imported 18.86 million tonnes of coal in August, the lowest level since September 2012.  

Charting The Failure of China's Latest Mini Stimulus

By Tyler Durden at ZeroHedge 

It was over a year ago, when we wrote about "The True Chinese Credit Bubble" and we showed the following chart which succinctly explains everything that happens in China's economy: