March 4, 2015

Cushing and Gulf Coast Storage Filling Up Fast

By EconMatters

Cushing, Oklahoma

The weekly EIA Inventory report came out today regarding the state of the oil market from the supply side, and the numbers continue to paint a bearish picture of the oil market. For example, Cushing added another one and a half million barrels to storage this past week, that`s three million added over the last two weeks to storage facilities.

Here's What Stock Market Bulls Might Be Overlooking

Here's What Stock Market Bulls Might Be Overlooking
A growing economy is not necessarily bullish -- see for yourself
By Elliott Wave International
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EU Growth in Trouble with A French Budget Diet

By Michael Grogan, First Class Analytics via Econintersect    

In an effort to bring the budget deficits of EU member countries down to a sustainable level, the European Commission has recently been placing significant pressure on France to reduce its deficit to a level of 4% by the end of 2015.
Ultimately, the goal is for France to reach a budget deficit of 2.8% by the end of 2017, which would bring the country below the generally accepted EU restriction of 3% of overall Gross Domestic Product. 

U.S. Crude Oil Reaching Storage Limit

By Economy Watch

Producers prepare for drastically low oil and gasoline prices in the coming months as stockpiles increase. The United States has been producing a million more barrels a day than it is consuming in the last seven weeks.

The U.S. Department of Energy reported American supplies are at its highest capacity in 80 years. Crude inventories have been reaching overcapacity in storage tanks, otherwise known as "tank tops." Companies are reducing drilling in the short-term, but excess supplies do not expect to decline until later in the year..

Best and Worst Performing ETF, Feb. 2015

By Mathew McCall, Benzinga
The month of February put the S&P 500 back into positive territory for the year after a dismal 2015 start. The subsequent 5.5 percent gain was the best for the index since October 2011. The majority of sector ETFs closed in the green; however, there were a few that really struggled. Some of the best and worst of the month are listed below.

The Water Wars Are Coming

By James E Miller, Mises Canada blog via Zero Hedge 
Does a warning mean anything if nobody listens?
With the precarious case of Lake Mead, doomsayers never seem to break the surface. For years, reports of the lake’s declining levels have popped up in the news. Yet residents of the surrounding area still refuse to listen. The latest report from the Interior Department is very troublesome: there is a 20% chance of water shortages for Nevada and Arizona in 2016 if the lake maintains current levels.