Authors hanging out at EconMatters (in alpahbetical order)

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Stan Abrams - Beijing-based IP/IT lawyer and law professor at China Hearsay

Ellen Brown - Attorney practicing civil litigation in Los Angeles, CA at Web of  Debt, and the author of Web of Debt, the book.

Andrew Butter - Managing Partner of ABMC, an investment advisory firm in Dubai

Central Bank News - Monitoring global monetary policies at Central Bank News

Kurt Cobb - Author of Prelude, a peak oil themed novel, who writes at Resource Insight

Commodities Now - The web connection to Commodities Now magazine

Commodity Trade Mantra - Complete market intelligence at

Roberto De Primis - Business intelligence analyst with an M.A. in Political Science writing from Brussels at Eurintelligence.

Prieur du Plessis - Chairman/Founder of Plexus Asset at Investment Postcards

Tyler Durden - Founder of Zeor Hedge

EconMatters - team

Emann Charts - Emann Charts is a platform that provides live trade signals for individuals aiming to make a low risk return by investing a relatively small amount of capital.

Energy Burrito - Matt Smith, Commodity Analyst of Summit Energy at Energy Burrito

Frank Holmes - CEO, Chief Investment Officer of U.S. Global Investors and the co-author of The Goldwatcher.

Global Economic Intersection - Economic effects on finance, investing, social interactions, and policy/politics at EconIntersect

Tim Iacono - Founder of financial web site - Iacono Research

Ilene - Editor and affiliate director at Phil's Stock World

iMFdirect - iMFdirect covers the global economy and policy issues posted by the International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Investing Daily - Profitable advise for smart people at

Junk Analyst - A ex-research-analyst in the financial sector

Vitaliy N. Katsenelson - CFA, Chief Investment Officer at Investment Management Assoc. in Denver, Colo, and the author of two books.

Bruce Krasting - 25-year veteran of Wall Street and hedge fund at Bruce Krasting

Ashraf Laidi - Currency strategist, founder of, and the author of Currency Trading and Intermarket Analysis

Mark J. Perry - Professor of economics/finance at Univ. of Michigan at Carpe Diem

Michael Pettis - Finance professor with Peking University  at
china financial markets and the author of The Volatility Machines

James Picerno - A veteran financial journalist , the author of Dynamic Asset Allocation and founder of The Capital Speculator

Profit Confidential - A daily publication at for the for Lombardi Financial customers. 
Mark Provost - Freelance writer from Manchester, New Hampshire

Ramki Ramakrishnan - 25+ years Elliott Wave specialist at

Charles Rotblut - CFA, VP for American Association of Individual Investors at AAII, and the author of Better Good than Lucky

Mike "Mish" Shedlock - Registered investment advisor representative who writes at Mish's Global Economic Trend Analysis

Doug Short - Vice President of Research for Advisor Perspectives at

Michael Snyder - Founder and editor of of The Economic Collapse

Michael Tarsala - CMT, heads the Quantitative Analysis team at Reuters Insider

Gail Tverberg - M. S. from the Univ. of Illinois, Chicago in Mathematics, and founder of Our Finite World

Cameron Urdu Cameron Urdu is the founder and editor of How to Buy Stocks.  

Bob van der Valk - Petroleum Industry Analyst with over 50 years of experience

Chris Vermeulen - Founder of ETF Trading Gold Newsletter

Willem Weytjens - Actionable advice at

Wall Street Daily - In a World of Liars, the Truth Starts Here at Wall Street Daily

Wall Street Rant - An anonymous blogger at writing about the economy, markets, politics, corrupt organizations,

Bill Willoughby - Mining Engineer

Russ Winter - Veteran investor and financial writer at Winter Watch