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September 21, 2011

American Middle Class: The Downward Mobile (Guest Post)

By Tim Iacono

I couldn’t help but think of this Pew survey(.pdf) spotted at the Huffington Post after listening to President Obama introduce his American Jobs Act before a joint session of Congress. The report concluded that about one quarter of children raised in middle-class families in the 1970s have fallen out of that group, presumably reversing a trend that had been in place for many decades. This chart was pretty interesting too:

A quick trip over to the BLS inflation calculator reveals that $32,900 in 1980 equaled about $78,000 in 2005 and $64,000 would be over $150,000 after adjusting for inflation, so, it appears that, even those who have managed to stay in the middle class are falling behind.

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About The Author - Tim Iacono, a retired software engineer living in Bozeman, Montana, is the founder of The Mess That Greenspan Made. (EconMatters author archive here.)

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