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July 5, 2012

Sleepless in America Over Crops and Health Care System

By Russ Winter 

Monday’s market volume the lowest in ten years, McClellan Oscillator is 262, there is a broad band of resistance here,  put premiums are near their lows in years. Enough said.

Here’s a look at current Midwest maximum daytime temperatures at a critical moment. It is thought that sustained daytime temperatures above 90F cause leaf rolling, pollen kill and silk dessication, all impeding successful corn plant fertilization, which is critical to corn kernel creation and yield.  The USDA Crop Progress report showed a deterioration in the average condition of the corn crop as of July 1, with the “Good-to-Excellent” combined category declining to 48%, versus 56% on June 24 and 63% on June 17.

I am more shocked than ever at what is ahead for the US health care sistema.  Type 2 diabetes will eat this country up and spit it out.  It is also spreading globally. There are 25.8 million diagnosed, and un-diagnosed diabetics in the US.  It doesn’t kill you right away either, it just makes you chronically ill and expensive to treat. When one does a google search and some general reading on it, the exploitative nature of this racket hits you right in the face: it is all about treating it and diagnosing it, and not nearly the proper effort being made at heading it off at the pass.

Consider that nearly 27% of gente 65 and older have it. And that population is growing at 1.66 million per year over the decade of the 2010s.  As shocking are the 1.9 million new diagnosed diabetics per year, the majority showing up in gente aged 45-64.  And just wait until the now  largely poor, on lousy diets,  50 million uninsured hit the sistema in 2014 with all their undiagnosed, untreated dead-man-walking chronic illnesses.  The sistema will completely collapse.

About The Author - Russ Winter is a veteran investor, financial writer, world traveler, and he blogs at Winter Watch.  (EconMatters author archive here)

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