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June 24, 2014

Top 5 Hybrid Cars of 2014

If you are willing to go green, then why not apply this passion to your new automobile. Nowadays you will find a wide variety of cars that consume less fuel as compared to others and are based on the electric technology that makes them environment friendly. The combination of electric motors and the gasoline engines makes these cars the best choice of all car lovers. Here is a list of top 5 cars of 2014 :

Toyota Prius LS

Toyota Prius is the most successful hybrid car ever in the automobile industry. It is not as big as Cadillac Escalade but its sales are far more than any other car in the same segment. Its exterior designs and the amazing fuel efficiency is adored by many. The new version of Prius which is all set to be launched in September is expected to have some add on features like extra solar panels, comfortable seats with more leg room and metallic dashboard. The car is expected to be places at an affordable price of $27,000.

Cadillac Escalade Hybrid

The all new Cadillac Hybrid is the first full size SUV with luxurious world class features. It has a powerful V8 engine which can seat up to eight passengers with ease. The all new high tech features like rear view camera, supersonic parking, GPS navigation and auto transmitting gears make it the best hybrid SUV in the market. Though this car is not as fuel efficient as others, but still it comes with 30% fuel economy.

Lexus LS800s

Lexus LS800s is a small hybrid car with no compromise in luxury. It is company's most advanced and the largest hybrid car with specially Swiss designed solar panels. It has electric engines which can save a great amount of fuel at slow speeds while the power boosts help the car to perform efficiently at high speeds. It has a remote touch interface with comfortable seats fitted with LCD TV's. All the expensive features makes Lexus LS800s the best hybrid car in the MUV segment.

Toyota Highlander Plus

If you are looking for a family car with lot of features and space, then Toyota Highlander Plus is perfect for you It has a large 3.5 litre engine with a V6 engine and two electric motors. It has 45% fuel efficiency and can be operated with dual power mode. It is highly spacious with adequate room for legs. It comes with a 7.1" GPS tablet with inbuilt services like Bing, auto search engine and navigation maps.

Ford Fusion Hybrid

The Ford Fusion hybrid was launched in April 2014, shortly after the Mercury Milan. It is a mid-size sedan with gasoline engines and an electric motor. It comes with a ten way drive, automatic headlights, power windows and dual climate control features. The new model comes with an extra stability feature which makes driving easy and comfortable for long run.  In UK, you have to present your driving theory test before you can lay your hands on this masterpiece. The Ford Fusion hybrid has surely created a benchmark in the hybrid car industry. 

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