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March 3, 2015

Mobile Apps To Dominate Consumer Trends and Behaviour

There has been an incredible progression in the app-based sphere. As mobile, tablet and phablet technology continues to expand and evolve the software running on them also continues to push boundaries and explore previously unobtainable areas. The hunger for intelligible and functional apps is stronger than ever and in a fast-paced world where consumers must have everything here and now the need for rapid app development will be ever more present in 2015.

This year will see an influx of wearable technology such as gesture controlled devices, smartwatches and hopefully, if all goes according to plan, new virtual reality headwear such as the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift. Mobile app developers are excited by the prospect as are we as consumers, however creating compatible apps to run with them may be a little more complex especially if these newly developed pieces of wearable tech decide to run on just certain operating systems.

Banking and the way in which we pay for things will take another dramatic turn in 2015 thanks to the introduction of new smart pay facilities such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet. These new services will allow you to use your mobile phones to pay for things helping to replace the need of physical credit or debit cards. New mobile commerce efforts will be present in 2015 and it is certainly a concept that could just well change things forever in a commercial capacity over the next few years.

Research carried out by mobile, online and digital study group Juniper Research confirmed that in-app advertising will reach a high of $7.1 billion this year. The popularity of apps over more traditional games and software is primarily due to its easy on the pocket prices. Most popular apps are actually downloadable for free and the developers and gaming studios rely predominantly on in-app purchases and advertising revenue to drive things forward.

Affiliate Manager Nicholas Plotnek commented on the fact that “There are very few punters who do not now watch sports events on one screen with a mobile or tablet in their other hand!”, in a collaborative Winner interview with Freebets. The scope for potential revenue from app notifications and in-app acquisition is vast. Soon paying for apps themselves could become a thing of the past especially if developers can find an appropriate way in which to implement non-aggressive yet hugely lucrative ad formats in their apps.

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