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April 21, 2015

China Signals Global Economy Setting up for Another Crisis

By Sprott Money

The global correction that began with the start of 2015 continues. On the surface, everything appears to be fine, but in reality, the cracks in the global economy are appearing more rapidly.

The ECB was forced into announcing a new QE policy this year. Already, they are hinting that MORE money printing may be required. No surprise there, as I have often pointed out that we are in QE to infinity. If the money flowing taps are turned off, then a global correction of monumental proportions will occur.

The situation in the United States is no better, from bad manufacturing data reports to continuing low employment numbers. Nothing appears to be getting better. At best this staggering amount of money printing has sustained us in a period of sideways motion.

The Chinese economy, the powerhouse of the global economy has been suffering throughout 2015 as well, another sign that the global economy is sick and is setting itself up for another 2008 style disaster.

Chart Source: Zero Hedge
Unfortunately, things do not appear to be getting better, as the most recent figures out of China have been released and they don’t look good. GDP dropped to 7%, the lowest in six years! Granted, this is still a number that most countries would be frothing at the mouth to achieve, but remember, a slowdown is a slowdown, as the Chinese economy once sported a whopping 14% GDP!

The numbers continue to get worse from there, Chinese retail sales grew at their slowest pace in 9 years. Auto sales have taken a nose dive and Chinese fixed asset investments are the lowest since the year 2000!

Making matter worse is the fact, that Chinese home prices continue to plunge and industrial production has fallen to levels not seen since 2008.

All in all, things are going from bad to worse for the global economy. The Chinese economy is a bell weather for the rest of the world, it is the world’s largest manufacturer and the facts are simple: People are not spending what they used to spend. The man on the street is just getting by, and if he has the foresight, preparing for the worst.

Expect another wave of QE from Western bankers in the future, how long they can keep this ponzi scheme going is anyones guess, but one day, the markets will correct and sanity will return.

Source: Sprott Money News

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