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April 18, 2015

From China With Pollution

By Frank Li for Econintersect

Hello from China!

China's astronomical rise over the past three and a half decades is both amazing and unique, as its magnitude is totally unprecedented in human history. 

Unfortunately, China's success comes with a huge cost, with environmental pollution and government corruption being among the top problems.

In a previous post (Corruption in China - Is It Really All That Bad?), I discussed government corruption. In this post, I will address environmental pollution.

First of all, how bad is pollution in China? Very bad!  Environmental pollution in China is real and severe. It is very well highlighted by this recent video:

China is heavily polluted - the bad news.

The good news is that China has declared war on pollution.  Hopefully they will achieve greater success than America has with its failed "War on Poverty" and "War on Drugs."

No question, the Chinese government must do more with better results, sooner!

Having said that, the West must understand that all developed nations have gone through the necessary transition from ignoring pollution completely to embracing environmentally sensitive policies, just as Europe, Japan have done.

How fast has China been developing? No pain, no gain! 

Bottom line: Environmental pollution is a by-product of China's massive development. If there is one government on Earth that can get it under control and make great progress with tangible results, it's China's.

Let's wish the best for China on environmental pollution control...  The world needs it!

Courtesy Frank Li via Global Economic Intersection

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