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April 14, 2015

The Best and Worst Jobs of 2015

If you like crunching numbers and managing spreadsheets, then you'd be one of the very few lucky ones able to make good money doing what you love.  mathematics-related jobs (e.g., statistician) rank among the nation's best for 2015, according to a new report by CareerCast:
"These [math-related] positions are financially lucrative, offer abundant opportunities for advancement and, most surprisingly, often deviate from common perceptions about math."
Here are the best jobs of 2015 according to CareerCast:

Source: Careercast.com

Of course, with best jobs, there are also worst jobs.  If you saw the movie Nightcrawler thinking Photo Journalist seems like a cool gig, think again, it is one of the worst jobs of 2015 along with Newspaper Reporter.

Source: Careercast.com

CareerCast noted that there's a necessary distinction between worst jobs and the useless. So if you work in one of the worst jobs of 2015, and truly hate it, just remember that the skills you've developed often can be helpful in transitioning into other careers.

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