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June 9, 2015

Are You As Smart As Your Mobile?

In recent years, technology has been making huge steps forward. We are continuously improving upon the machines of the past. One area in particular that we focus a lot of time and energy on is phones. As we all know, phones aren’t just for talking to people anymore. The “smart” phones as they are known are more and more turning into miniature computers. From playing games to web surfing to giving you directions to work, they seem to be able to do it all, or at very least are getting closer to it. That is really the goal. We want to have an electronic multi-tool that can fit inside our pockets.

Now, the phone element of a smart phone is almost secondary. Most smart phones have a standard QWERTY keyboard and allow for all the basic internet function that your laptop will have. Checking your email, looking up facts, and just surfing the web in general have all become easier. Perhaps the biggest draw of the smart phone is the apps. With all the various apps out there you can really customize your phone to your needs. And because of all this, people have become almost entranced by smart phones.

Like other machines, the smart phone is a tool and should be treated as such. Unfortunately, it is not a tool that you just pay for once. The cheapest phone plans from companies like T-Mobile, Sprint, or Verizon Wireless run about $80 a month. Then the companies have all of their offers. For just an extra $20 dollars a month, you can get some new feature or greater roaming service. None of this is to scare people off of smart phones. It just means that smart phones require smart customers. It is easy enough to find information about the latest phones and phone plans by visiting a mobile phone specialty site like Frugaa.com to find good deals that will help you afford the phone you like. The point is to take a more active role in being a consumer.

It may seem like you need to be incredibly tech savvy just to make heads or tails of the new smart phones that keep coming out. Well it isn’t that hard to learn about this stuff. The shopping categories at most mobile phone specialty sites are laid out in such a way as to be easily navigable. It is just a matter of putting in the time and effort to become an informed consumer.

The smart phone as a device is always evolving and upgrading. Companies like Apple or Android keep trying to make their smart phones faster and more efficient, better than the previous model or that of their competitors. It’s basic capitalist economics at work. If you are smart about it then you can get in on the action without spending an arm and a leg.

Courtesy Laura Davies

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