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July 2, 2015

Bubble History Is Repeating Itself

The market is in a bubble. A bubble driven by an excessive amount of fiat currency printed since the start of the 2008 crisis. This crisis rests just below the surface of our current financial system, as previous issues were never corrected, and the crisis was never resolved. Like a deadly disease that has gone into retreat, but not cured, it lingers waiting for the moment to erupt again and bring our entire system to its knees.
Will this be our fate? Is there still time to solve the underlying problems that currently plague our financial system and economy as a whole? Unfortunately it is very unlikely, as the thing needed most is a withdrawal from our highly addictive and massively abused fiat currency system. For those at the top, the ones who benefit from this corrupt system, the addiction is simply too great and the rewards too high.

For the average man on the street, this is truly a sad story, as inflation will continue to rage on, savings will continue to be eroded and eventually wiped completely out in the coming fiat currency collapse.
The only chance of financial survival in this scenario is to diversify your assets out of fiat and into tangible real assets, such as gold, silver, land or things that people will always need in the future.
What is truly upsetting is how we arrived at this point in time. History continues to repeat itself and the markets are once again set for another crash, as Carl Icahn recently stated in a tweet of his, the market is plain and simply overheated.
"I believe the market is extremely overheated – especially high yield bonds." — Carl Icahn
Although he is completely right in the above statement, he goes on to insult just about everyone in the precious metals community, which compared to other sectors of the financial industry, had a large percentage of those who accurately called the 2008 economic crisis, far before it occurred.
"If more respected investors had warned about the market in ’07, we might have avoided the crisis in ’08."
Despite what Carl Icahn says in the above statement, many well respected investors didwarn us about the 2008 crisis, such as Eric Sprott, Rick Rule, all members of GATA, John Embry, Jim Rickards, Mike Maloney, Peter Schiff, etc, etc, etc. The list goes on.
The truth is this: The financial elite who currently run the system and who are profiting most have no interested in popping the bubble, they could care less about the long-term health of the economy and the everyday man on the street. They only care about themselves and their never ending greed.
The warnings are once again bubbling to the surface and once again being ignored. No surprise there. Prepare and take care of yourself and your family, no one else will (especially not the government), another crisis is coming.

Source: Sprott Money News   
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