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September 17, 2015

The Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking with CanTrack

GPS Trackers are here to Stay and here to Save

Whether you’re fleet manager for 100 vehicles or 30,000 GPS fleet tracking has become an integral part of your management strategy.

You need telematics to help you cut costs, improve customer service and boost employee productivity so you have the optimum level of fleet efficiency. With telematics you can save money through the accurate statistics produced by a GPS tracking device and improve the performance of your fleet of vehicles beyond all recognition.

We asked the GPS tracking firm, CanTrack, to tell us more about the benefits of GPS fleet trackers.

Plug your GPS Tracking Device In and Play with your Fleet Performance

Installing a GPS tracker should be easy and straight-forward and shouldn’t require a call out for an expensive engineer. Unfortunately most GPS trackers do require an engineer-led installation for vans and cars and those costs soon add up both in money spent and time off the road for your vehicles.

Make sure you go for a plug n play tracking device. You want a fleet tracker that can be plugged into the OBD port that all EU vehicles have had since 2004. You want a car tracker that can be up and running five minutes after you take it out of the box.

That way you don’t spend any money on the installation; you can do it yourself and you can transfer the device to other vehicles as many times as you need or want.

Simplicity is Key for GPS Trackers

But it’s not just the installation that you want to be straight-forward when you sign up to a fleet tracking service.

You want intuitive easy to use tracking software that you can access in your office or on the move. Why spend time training your staff to grasp the intricacies of a new system when you can have them monitoring your fleet quickly without a huge service guide?

With the best vehicle trackers you’ll get the best available traffic data for the UK on top of high resolution satellite mapping, so you know exactly where your vehicles are whenever you need to know. And preferably the location signal will be updated every 30 seconds. That’s what you should expect from the best.

The Right Price for GPS Trackers

Once you have those fleet tracking foundations you can really build up performance improvements.

Monitoring vehicles and drivers will enable you to see where drivers are speeding and get them to cut down on it. That doesn’t just lead to fewer speeding tickets but also much reduced tyre and brake wear and lower replacement costs. Drivers can be incentivised to monitor and improve their own driving reducing your outgoings overall.

You can also cut down on company vehicle fuel expenditure with a good GPS tracking system showing you where and how you’re actually expending your fuel. If your drivers are speeding or idling excessively you can feed that information back to them. If your drivers are taking unauthorised or out of hours trips then you can cut those out completely.

With quality mapping and traffic data you can plot the most efficient routes for your drivers saving you time and fuel and with more effective managing of your staff’s travelling time, you’ll also complete more jobs every week.

Finally with high quality reporting functions, you can turn real time data into fuel for future fleet management efficiency, identifying where you can improve driver and vehicle productivity to ensure you meet exacting customer Service Level Agreements.

For All Things Telematics look for CanTrack

For the most up to date information on GPS fleet and asset trackers go to CanTrack https://cantrack.com/. CanTrack is a leading UK the telematics, fleet and asset tracking provider with over 10 years of experience and innovation. Their Vehicle Tracking System is the fastest way to get your vehicles tracked or your money back.

Courtesy of CanTrack

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