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October 20, 2015

Big Business Is Economic Cancer, Part III

Part I of this series established how and why Small Business is superior to Big Business, in virtually every respect. Small Business creates employment. Big Business destroys employment. Small Business promotes competition. Big Business eliminates competition. Small Business contributes to the economies in which it is domiciled. Big Business does nothing but blood-suck any/every jurisdiction in which it exists.

Part II explained and demonstrated how the traitorous “free trade deals” negotiated by our corrupt governments had, in fact, made Big Business much more “cancerous”. This is largely due to the fact that these supposed “free trade” pacts bear utterly no resemblance whatsoever to the economic concept of free trade.
Free trade, as a matter of practicality, can only exist where all trade partners exist on a perfectly “level playing field”: equal wages, equal working conditions, equal tax structures, etc. None of our corrupt governments have ever made the tiniest effort to create this level playing field, thus none of these traitorous regimes was ever even attempting to negotiate “free trade”.
Instead, all of these political puppets were never doing anything other than serving their Big Business masters. They allowed and enabled these cancerous oligopolies to grow much, much larger; much, much more powerful; and even more corrupt – by simply erasing all of our borders, for the purposes of trade.
Meanwhile, through our regulatory structures, our tax codes, and (most importantly) the $trillions in Corporate welfare that is paid annually to Big Business; our corrupt governments are simultaneously engaging in Small Business genocide. They fatten Big Business, at every opportunity, and starve Small Business , at every opportunity.
What do we do about the treasonous economic policies of our Traitor Governments? Part II ended with a promise to provide some answers to that question. The starting-point here is obvious. It has already been pointed out how these pretend “free trade agreements” have been used to enormously fatten Big Business still further. Obviously tearing-up these agreements would be a good start in reversing this process.
That would need to be followed with a healthy dose of “protectionism”. In the world of the lying economists, lying bankers, and lying media talking-heads; “protectionism” is a four-letter word. However, this propaganda is exposed as nothing but vacuous brainwashing, by merely examining what protectionism really represents.
Protectionism is a policy of national trade barriers (i.e. tariffs) which limit – but do not exclude – the ability of other nations to trade with (and into) that economy. What these trade barriers do is to effectively create conditions for conducting trade within the particular sector that is regulated by those tariffs.
In other words, ideally, tariffs create the “level playing field” which cannot ever possibly exist, via our bastardized version of “free trade”. Obviously the previous regime of national tariffs which used to be in place was far from perfect. But at least it was theoretically geared at producing fair trade. There is no possibility that any of our (pretend) free trade agreements could ever produce anything remotely resembling fair trade.
However, perhaps the most-emphatic argument in favor of protectionism is to merely explain how it got its name. It’s called “protectionism” because the foremost objective of all tariffs is to protect the jobs within that economy. To call the evidence here “overwhelming” is an understatement.
Flash back 30 years to before our Traitor Governments began negotiating their treasonous “trade agreements”. Our economies had more-or-less full employment. What have we gotten from three decades of supposed “free trade”? Our (real) unemployment rate has roughly tripled. (Remember how all the Liars promised “ more jobs” with their “free trade”?)
But that’s only the start of the economic carnage and betrayal. As unemployment went straight up, our wages went straight down. Protectionism also “protects” wages. Three decades of “free trade” has roughly cut our wages (and standard of living) in half .
It gets worse. With three times as many unemployed and most of the rest of us being paid much less, government tax revenues have collapsed, while the demand for government support (from the newly unemployed) has soared. “Free trade” is also a major factor in bankrupting all of our governments.
However, ending all of this bastardized ‘free trade’ is just the beginning. Along with tearing-up every free-trade deal in sight, we must immediately end every penny of Corporate welfare – and thus free-up those $trillions per year for spending on people. Note how protectionism helps us put an end to Corporate welfare.
Today, if we threaten to cut off the welfare to one of these Big Business deadbeats, we know exactly what will happen, as was stated in Part II:
1) They harm the economy they are leaving, by taking away jobs and other economic activity.
2) They harm the economy they are entering, by blood-sucking it for extreme amounts of welfare.
3) They harm the economy they left a second time by selling their (heavily) subsidized goods back into that economy, preventing that economy from creating a new business to replace the corporation which deserted them.
Here it must be noted that the original harm from (1) is only temporary. The permanent harm comes from (3): our so-called “free trade agreement” prevents us from stopping the Traitor Corporation from dumping its goods back into our economy – and thus prevents any new enterprise from being started up in that economy to replace those lost jobs.
Not so with protectionism. What happens when these rapacious oligopolies play their game of “corporate blackmail”, and desert a particular jurisdiction because it won’t give in to their extortion, and give them all the welfare they demand?
The day after the Traitor Corporation leaves, the government (which is now free to act) immediately erectsa protective tariff. The tariff can be whatever size or form is necessary to ensure that the Traitor Corporation won’t be able to sell as much as a single paper-clip back into the jurisdiction they attempted to blackmail – and then abandoned.
No longer is corporate blackmail a win, win, win proposition for these Traitor Corporations. And if other nations wise-up, and tear-up their own “free trade deals”, there will be less and less places for these Traitor Corporations to run-and-hide, where they can still play their blackmail/welfare game.
Ultimately, however, these are the indirect means of whittling-down these (much, much, much too big) mega-corporations. The direct method of doing so is to enforce the laws which already exist in all Western nations.
All of the largest “big businesses” in our economies are totally illegal. In some cases, they are a hundred times larger than what is legally allowed by our anti-trust laws. Why do anti-trust laws dramatically limit the size of corporations? Just re-read the three parts of this series.
More specifically, our anti-trust laws are carefully drafted to limit corporations to sane proportions in order to limit their ability to corrupt markets and governments. Case in point: the totally corrupt hegemony of the Western bloc could never have come into existence if there were not gigantic mega-corporations large enough to literally buy-off each and every one of these governments.
Politicians are cheap. We have corporations who are wallowing in $trillions in ill-gotten capital (much of it Corporate welfare), and we have political leaders who (absurdly) can be bought-off with mere $millions, or sometimes even $thousands. This is (now) nothing more than “tip money” for these mega-corporations. They can buy-off all our governments through merely opening up their petty-cash drawer.
We can NEVER have honest, legitimate government, ever again – not in our lives, not in the lives of our great, great grandchildren – unless and until we begin re-enforcing our anti-trust laws, and smash these mega-corporations into tiny, little pieces.
This is the choice facing us today. Permanent saturation-corruption. Permanently worsening unemployment. Permanently falling wages. Permanently broke/bankrupt governments. Permanent debt-slavery. None of these worsening trends can ever he halted (let alone reversed) until these mega-corporations are shrunken back within legal limits.
Referring to Big Business as “cancer” is not a perfect analogy. Actual cancer is not as virulent, not as terminal, and in most cases, much more treatable than the “disease” of Big Business. But in one sense, it’s a perfect analogy, since we all know the only sane approach when dealing with “cancer”: eradicate it, at any/all costs.
Courtesy Jeff Nielson for Sprott Money News  

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