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October 19, 2015

International Investment Tips to Expand Your Company's Horizon

UK businesses can benefit significantly from looking overseas for investment opportunities, and there’s never been a better time to take that step. Following the advent of globalisation, the UK is considered one of the most desirable locations for international investment, and as a result businesses need to up their game so they get themselves noticed.

International investments can be a huge boost for a business and take things to the next level, but knowing how to navigate the world of investment can be a little complicated. Here are the top 5 international investment tips to help your business expand its horizons.

1.  Thorough Research and Review

It sounds obvious, but it will benefit your business massively if you research international trends in mergers and acquisitions to find the right buyers. By researching these trends on online marketplaces, you can see how the UK mergers and acquisitions market is being monitored.

It’s also a good idea to conduct a full review and assessment of your company before proceeding. The process of securing investors often takes longer than initially expected.

2.  Get Face to Face

Dealing with businesses from overseas to discuss investments is easier than ever thanks to the internet and technology like Skype. This has been a major part of globalisation and has opened up the world of business like never before. However, it’s vital that you get a fact to face meeting with any potential investor as soon as possible.

Put simply, it’s always better to get everyone in a room together for discussions, negotiations and so on. It’s simply better for business to maintain that personal touch.

3.  Assess the Competition

It’s important to know what you’re up against when making oversea investments or pursuing investors for your business. Due to the UK’s popularity with overseas investors, it’s crucial that you are able to set your business apart from the others and see what you can do to attract interest.

What’s important is that you work to make your business visible to

4.  Maintain Cultural Sensitivity

Seeking investments and investors overseas requires an understanding of cultural differences and a sensitivity of those differences. While there may not be a significant cultural difference between the UK and America, it remains that many world cultures are very different and must be respected to ensure a smooth sales process.

Cultural awareness also helps with transparency, allowing for better communication between people from other countries.

5.  Listen to Investors

If you are encouraging overseas businesses to invest in you and vice versa, it’s vital that you listen to and take on board any feedback these other businesses might have.
For example, if you are attempting to expand your business overseas, your buyer may have some suggestions for your sales plan or business model that would benefit you in another country. 

Remember that these potential investors and buyers are bringing their own experiences and knowledge to the table, and listening to them may be the difference between success and failure.

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