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October 7, 2015

Restructuring Your Debt With Intacapital Swiss

Switzerland is one of leading financial centers in the world. With a strong focus on asset management, Swiss banks are ranked in the third place globally, following the U.S. and the U.K. Furthermore, Switzerland’s financial sector is of strategic importance to the national economy, employing about 6% of the total workforce and accounting for 10% of economic output.

As a specialized financial center, Switzerland is a global market leader in boutique finance and Intacapital Swiss (ICS) is one of the most prominent finance firms for cross-border asset management business with private clients. Dan Terry, Senior Financier and Jason Mitchell, Head of New Business have put together a great team of highly-skilled financial experts, who possess the know-how to suggest the best financial solution for any financial requirement, while offering the highest level of customer service.
Are You Considering Debt Restructuring?
From time to time, companies seek to reorganize their outstanding obligations through debt restructuring. This essentially means to review the structure of their debt platform and decide the proper way to lower the rates paid, while increasing the payback period. Additionally, debt restructuring is a debt relief option used by individuals to pay off their loans or eliminate their credit card debt. In both cases, in the process of debt restructuring, the credit obligations are spread out over a longer duration with smaller payments, thus allowing the company or the consumer to meet their debt responsibilities.
You may be seeking to restructure your debt for several reasons: your assets are constrained by your bank; the raised value of your assets results in a high value collateral for a small debt; you want to lower your interest rate charges; you seek to prepare your company for an initial public offering (IPO); you just want to renegotiate your loan terms. The list of requirements is endless. ICS specializes in a wide range of financial services, including securities lending, credit lining and corporate debt restructuring (CDR). Also, ICS’ long-established partnership alliances with leading Swiss banks and financial institutions leaves no room for your financial requirement to be unmet.
ICS’s Approach To Debt Restructuring  
Successful corporate debt restructuring secures the long term viability of the firm. A typical example of corporate debt restructuring is when a firm offers its shareholders for a 10% coupon bond with 5 years to maturity a new bond with a 12% coupon rate and a 25-year maturity. Often, the reason is lack of liquidity, suggesting that the company does not have the required cash to repay its loans on the scheduled date of payment. Similarly, for financially-distressed consumers, it may be challenging to get a debt restructuring loan at a decent rate.
The intention behind the ICS’ debt restructuring approach is to minimize waste of capital in order to revive the company, while safeguarding the interests of the lending institutions and other stakeholders. For example, if your company faces severe credit problems, ICS will seek to capitalize on any stagnant assets. In other cases, it will come up with exploratory capital. The company will implement a market-oriented approach, coming up with tailor-made solutions in cases that governmental involvement is minor and restricted to legal reforms to encourage timely market-driven restructuring. Conversely, ICS will implement an across the board approach that involves direct governmental involvement, normally through fiscal support to the firms in the form of tax-incentives. In any case, ICS will evaluate your debt structure to offer the best terms, not only to lower your current debt payments, but to guarantee that you will not end up with higher interests over time.
ICS accommodates firms for a project value between €20 million and €100 million. The company tracks the best rates for borrowings so that you don’t end up paying for an underfunded loan and your cash flows are protected. For cross-border investments, ICS will offer you letters of credit and will evaluate the most tax-efficient ways of financing cross-border operations. 

Conclusively, by implementing the traditional strengths of Swiss banking combined with the highest standards of integrity and confidentiality to protect private property, ICS offers professional advice and top-quality service. With specialization and thorough knowledge in a broad range of financial sectors, each member of the ICS team can offer strategic advice to meet your debt restructuring needs. Doing business with ICS, you will be taken where you want to, right on time, every time.
About the Author: Nikolai Kuzentsov (Article Archive Here) is a financial analyst and professional trader. He has extensive experience in stock market analysis, investment research and various assets such as FX, commodities, equities and bonds. Nicolai writes at Nikolaiknows.com.

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