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November 2, 2015

The UK vs. The US: Xi's Visit

Chinese President Xi Jinping paid a state visit to the U.K. on October 19-22. He was warmly treated not only by the U.K. government, including the royal family, but also by the U.K. media, in stark contrast to "one of the most civilized forms of mistreatment: neglect" he received from the U.S. media about one month ago. Why?

To me, the British have simply respectfully handled Xi’s visit, unlike we Americans!

1. Respect

As the 2nd largest economy on earth, China and her President deserve to be treated with the greatest respect by all foreign hosts, as perceived not only by the hosting country, but also by the Chinese in China.

The British did that, but the Americans did not!

2. International protocols

A state visit is reciprocal: treating people the way you want to be treated.

China has simply out-classed America in this case! Specifically, not only did the Chinese media treat President Obama's state visit to China back in November 2014 with the greatest respect, President Xi also went out of the way, against all international protocols, to receive Michelle Obama's private visit to China back in March 2014

3. The U.K. vs. the U.S.

The most prominent example of the exceptional British treatment of President Xi was to give him the opportunity to address the British Parliament.

In contrast, the U.S. Congress missed a great opportunity to extend the friendship! Why is that?

Worse yet for America, Pope Francis happened to be in the U.S. the same week as President Xi, but only the Pope was asked to address the U.S. Congress! Why was that worse for America?

4. U.S. Congress: mixing church and state?!

Our Founding Fathers did not get everything right (e.g. slavery), but they got this one absolutely right: separating church and state!

By repeatedly, over the past few years, inviting a Pope to address the U.S. Congress, with Pope Francis finally accepting the invitation, Speaker John Boehner has not only violated a basic founding principle of our nation, but even more troubling is that no American politicians and main-stream media outlets have even questioned that outcome!

5. Discussion

Modestly speaking, America has clearly failed to match the U.K. and China in mutual diplomatic respect in this case!

More profoundly, the U.K. was actually the first Western country to join the AIIB (For America, AIIB and Ukraine Are Related!) a few months ago, thus breaking the "West alliance" against China big time!

Most significantly, the U.K. and China seem to have recognized the importance of each other, forming a strong bond which will likely be hugely mutually beneficial for both for decades to come!

Both the U.K. and China are former empires. But the U.K. is smart enough to recognize that China is a force to be reckoned with.

6. Closing

China has been working very hard over the past few decades. With assistance from America's self-destruction, China is well on her way to becoming the largest economy on earth by 2030, with no end in sight!

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