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November 25, 2015

Trade24 Set to Revolutionise Driving

Trade24 is one of the leading global providers of online Forex and CFD trading services and was established in 2007. Over the years, Trade24 has developed rapidly, and is now branching out into other technology as well as planning its very own trading campus such as those owned by Facebook and Google.

The goal of Trade24 was, and still is, to provide regular people with a way of accessing the world of Forex and CFD trading. At the time that the company was launched, the trading market was used almost exclusively by investment banks and funds, and their ultimate mission was to change that. To date, they have been a success, with regular people using the trading platforms of Trade24 to provide an extra income for themselves and their families.


When it comes to technology, Trade24 has a vision. Not satisfied with using only commonly used trading technology, Trade24 set about to be on the cutting edge, and develops next level trading technology. Along with a web based trading platform, Trade24 also offers a downloadable version and a mobile application for trading. In addition to that, they also have plans in the works for a brand new Apple Watch application, which will allow traders to trade on the go without having to use a smartphone or computer at all.
Trade24 takes their technology developments very seriously, which is why there are dedicated plans for a new trading campus, which gives developers opportunities like never before to come up with and bring to life the latest and most up-to-date platforms and other technologies.

Automotive Navigational System

It’s not just trading technology that Trade24 wants to be on the cutting edge of. In order to minimise the financial implications caused by human error when driving, their expert team of developers are currently working on an idea that may well revolutionise the way that we drive. Although navigational systems in cars and other vehicles are commonplace with many of them built in or even on drivers’ smartphones, they still allow for human error – which is one of the leading causes of car crashes and other road accidents.
Each year, thousands of people are fatally injured by road traffic accidents. This has a devastating impact on families and individuals who need to come to terms with the loss of loved ones, often who have been taken too soon and through no fault of their own. Financially, drivers and their families suffer immensely, with medical bills to be taken care of – an expensive situation for anyone who doesn’t have proper medical insurance. Car insurance premiums also go up after an accident, leaving those who survive road traffic accidents out of pocket for up to years afterwards.
However, Trade24 is setting about to change all of that with a brand new automotive navigational system which is one hundred percent automatic. This new system will not only drastically reduce human error when driving, it will also be a level above the current technology we use today, making it a huge leap in navigational technology development.
Thanks to the lack of human error which will be a result of this system, the financial issues caused by driving are likely to also be reduced. Car crashes cost billions of dollars each year, with insurance claims, repairs, and medical bills all adding up to one very costly amount. The amount of money that drivers spend each year due to car accidents is set to be drastically reduced by this system.

Eventually, the system could reduce the amount of insurance claims per year, reduce the amount of cars being sent for repairs, and also have an effect on drivers’ medical bills. On top of that, the automatic system is likely to minimise error when it comes to taking the wrong turning or driving in the wrong direction – meaning that there will be a lot less spent on gas. Insurance premiums may well also be reduced as a result of this system.


To summarise, this new system that is soon to be launched by Trade24 is likely to be a godsend to drivers. Not only will it help to reduce the amount of traffic accidents, save lives, and improve road safety, it’s also going to be the reason behind many drivers making huge savings. Insurance prices are expensive because insurance companies know that the roads are dangerous places to be – but with this new system from Trade24 making them safer, drivers are set to pay cheaper premiums. Not only that, but this system will have a drastic effect globally. With driving a safer and cheaper option, it will reduce both the number of deaths and injuries caused by road traffic accidents as well as drastically reducing the amount of money spend as a result of driving accidents each year.

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