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December 21, 2015

A Virtual Reality White House Christmas by Google

Alphabet Inc (Nasdaq: GOOGL), the company formerly known as Google, has recently released a 360-degree video of the White House, showing viewers impressive Christmas trees, ornaments, and other festive baubles.

Made with Google’s Jump virtual reality (VR) video platform and a circular 16-camera rig, the video takes you through many rooms and hallways like the East Colonnade, the East Garden, the White House Library, the vermeil Room, and the China Room.
To view the video, you have a few options. Viewers can place their Android phones into a Google Cardboard VR headset, or you can simply play the video on YouTube and watch it on a flat screen, clicking and dragging around each shot on a phone or tablet.
Google hopes this type of content can be useful for inside the classroom. An extension of its Google Expeditions project—a VR tool for teachers and other educators containing a kit with 30 Android phones and Cardboard viewers as well as a tablet for the teacher, who acts as the tour guide—teachers can now guide Cardboard-equipped student groups around the White House, highlighting interesting points along the way.
Courtesy of Zacks.com

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