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December 9, 2015

How Can You Profit in a Volatile Forex Market?

With most investment vehicles and methods, traders tend to become cautious during times of volatility. While this may be understandable, however, this ethos is at odds with the fundamental nature of some markets and the underlying rules that govern change.

Take the forex market, for example, which is arguably the most liquid and volatile entities in the whole of the financial spectrum. Despite this, many novice traders seek flight when the market becomes challenging, without realising that this in itself creates a unique opportunity for investors to profit.

How can you profit from the Volatile Forex Market?

While it is possible for profit from the forex market, however, it is important to understand core strategies and precisely how such techniques work. Consider the following:

Understand Volatility and the short-term nature of market movements

The key is to understand the nature of the forex market, and more specifically how short-term price movements trigger volatility. It is this understanding that encourages most risk-averse investors to consider a long-term strategy, as they look to ignore short-term fluctuations and base their decisions on the underlying rules that govern change. If you want to optimise your earnings, however, you can use short-term positions to profit from profitability and make money even in a depreciating market.

Above all else, remember that rather than suggesting chaos, volatility is simply a measure of the tendency of a market or security to rise (or fall) rapidly within a short period of time. If you embrace this rather than avoid it, you can enjoy considerable success.

Use Risk Management measures and Tools

Partnering with a company such as ETX Capital could provide you with procedures that decrease exposure to risk during times of volatility. These can only help you to optimise trades and profit in a decline market, especially if you also embrace the modern suite of tools that drives individual investments. You can also implement stop-loss limits and oversee manual trades through your account, for example, which affords you control of your destiny and optimises profitability as the market declines.

Use real-time news outlets and Bulletins

On a similar note, there are additional tools that can enable you to prosper in a volatile forex market. Many of these are accessible through the majority of online brokerage firms, and they allow traders to execute informed, real-time decision that deliver profit even as the market depreciates. The integration of real-time news updates and analytical reports is integral to this, as they deliver information on breaking market trends and can inspire short-term trading.

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