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December 10, 2015

Mercedes Breaks November Sales Record

Mercedes-Benz, probably one of the most identifiable car brands in the world, has once again exceeded its sales expectations and has set a new record. The sales for the dealership has risen year on year reliably, increasing by 7.4% and culminating with a record-beating sale of 161, 953 vehicles in November alone.

In fact, this isn’t the only record that Mercedes-Benz has broken this year. The November sales across the globe have been exceptional to say the least. European sales rose by 10.5%, with a year-round increase of 10.8%. Meanwhile, the US sales year to date sales rose by 4.2%, while sales in China rose by 38.7%.

It’s been a good year overall for Mercedes-Benz, with January setting the tone for the next twelve months by being the best start of the year sales they’d ever had, selling an astonishing 125,865 vehicles in January alone. The company has since gone to perform strongly, consistently improving on sales of new and used Mercedes-Benz models.
The popularity of smart cars is on the rise, and this is evident in Mercedes-Benz’s sales figures. The sale of smart cars increased by 45.3% in November alone, putting their sales at 10,840 units. The sales of these cars was most notable in Europe, where the dealership saw the sales almost doubled. This suggests that smart cars are becoming increasingly common in the market, and that more and more people are turning to these more eco-friendly and efficient models. Smart sales in Germany saw an impressive increase of 60%, and overall the company has seen a notable increase in overall unit sales.

It will be interesting to see the figures for smart sales in China, as the model is not yet available to buy in that part of the world, but the sales speak for themselves. With this incredible November sales record setting new standards for Mercedes-Benz, the future looks bright.

Olla Kallenius, Sales and Marketing Chief for Mercedes-Benz, said: “November 2015 was the best-selling November for Mercedes-Benz so far. Our SUVs and compact cars in particular are extremely popular with the customers. We achieved new records in both segments and sold more than 50,000 units of each of those two vehicle types."

With Mercedes breaking records in its biggest markets, they will have to work hard to outdo themselves once again over the next 12 months. Hopefully 2016 will be an even better year when it comes to sales in both new and used Mercedes-Benz models.

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