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January 22, 2016

3 Tech Trends To Transform Your Work and Business in 2016

There were some big changes to the technology in 2015, and these are going to make their impact on the year ahead for many businesses. Take a look at the top three tech trends to watch out for…

1. Next Generation of Mobile” Worker
The demand for a mobile workforce in 2015 came about because of the similar customer demand for an online presence that was seamless across multiple channels, but 2016 looks at creating a new kind of worker: one that can access their desk” from anywhere and any device. The mobile worker is able to have more flexible hours to fit their job around family commitments, increasing worker satisfaction. Now, however, workers need to be able to work from home with access to the exact same tools and materials that they would have if sat at their desk in an office.

With this has come the invention of software like VMware Workspace Suite, a virtual workspace which allows the company to create the perfect online environment tailored to that employee. It can be replicated across multiple devices whilst keeping the same end-user appearance. With this priority growing in the minds of employees every day, this should really take off in 2016.

2. Increase in Use of VoIP Software 
This has seen a huge leap in popularity recently and only plans to get bigger. There are a lot of business benefits to be had from using VoIP rather than PSTN, including:

        better productivity, as your staff are able to listen back to calls and report on calls when it is converted to data, so you can create better predictions for certain areas of your business
        it is a far more flexible solution to PSTN, as it can be scaled up very quickly
        certain VoIP software packages can include multiple geographical numbers, meaning that your callers always receive a local area code, giving you more credibility and trust

3. Virtual Boardrooms

The top two trends may be great for big businesses, but what about SMEs? Well, whereas virtual” in terms of offices used to mean a mailbox, telephone answering system or Skype used in a meeting, this is all changing. We’re well aware of the advances that tech has made in enhancing boardroom meetings for people from multiple locations, but this has been stepped up in 2016 with the robot that’s giving a virtual presence to telecommuters and remote workers for meetings they cannot attend. We can’t wait to see how this one develops. 

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