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January 28, 2016

Three 2016 Models to Revolutionise the Auto Industry

In case you didn’t know, CES 2016 was an event heavily dominated by modern and ground-breaking car concepts, with autonomous technology dominating the landscape. While consumers remain wary of such advanced technology and the future concept of self-drive vehicles, projects such as BMW’s iVision and Ford’s collaboration with Google will soon become compelling enough to win them over. In the meantime, there are plenty of 2016 concepts that are sure to set hearts racing in the year ahead: -
3 Car Models that will help to revolutionise the market in 2016

With this in mind, here are three of the stand-out car concepts that will dominate the automotive market in 2016: -

The Ford B-MAX Mini MPV

Ford is likely one the busier automotive brands in 2016, while it is also at the forefront of autonomous technology. For now, however, customers will have to make do with the innovative B-MAX, which may look like a standard mini-MPV but is in fact drastically different in terms of design. More specifically, there is no central ‘B-pillar’ between the two doors, which when combined with sliding rear doors create a more accessible vehicle. This has been done without compromising on safety, so it is an impressive achievement that is worthy of note.

The Toyota Mirai Saloon

Almost every car manufacturer continues to design and sell a wide range of hybrid vehicles, while a growing number are also increasingly active in the electric car market. Toyota is a brand that embodies this trend like no other, and this year it will follow up its eco-friendly and fuel-efficient Prius with its hydrogen-powered Mirai saloon. This model claims to generate power for its electric motors by combining hydrogen with oxygen, while it only emits harmless water vapour. While being prohibitively priced and scarce, it has enough potential to make our list for the year ahead.

The Dacia Duster compact SUV


OK, so the Dacia Duster isn’t innovative in the traditional sense of advanced technology or unique design. It does have a significant advantage over other models in 2016; however, thanks to an innovative pricing structure that delivers a robust and capable SUV at a fraction of the expected cost. This is certainly a welcome innovation from the perspective of the typical consumer, who is unlikely to find a vehicle that offers superior value in any chosen market. While this is partially reflected in the quality of the interior finish, you cannot beat the Dacia Duster as a value for money proposition.

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