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February 9, 2016

New Year Resolution: How To Pick The Right Running Shoes

If you decided to start running or started doing so many years ago the necessity of good shoes remains undeniable. For novices in this sport the information from this article will be of the utmost use, while for those who run regularly it might be surprising, because when it comes to buying new shoes, it is usually pretty hard to find full replacement for the old pair of beloved but old shoes. So below we prepared five main things to pay attention to when getting yourself new running shoes.

1. Heel
You need to fix the heel but not get too tight. When trying a pair of shoes try to lace them up and make sure that you are able to slide the feet out. If you feel any irritation even in the store, experts advise to move on to the next pair.
2. Instep
Instep is usually the greatest problem for women, this is why we can with 100% guarantee say that for such special cases Rockport and Ecco are best shoes for running activities. When trying a new pair you should feel no pressure and tightness in the upper part of the foot; it you feel some discomfort, try a bigger size. Pay attention to the feeling your feet get under the laces after you do them; if there is some kind of minor discomfort, try a  different technique for lacing. If it does not go away, it is advised to look after.
3. Width
This is one more common issue, especially for women according to Rockport shoe experts. When trying on new shoes your feet should be able to move from side to side in the shoe's forefoot. You also need to be able to pinch a quarter inch of the upper material along the widest part of your feet. In case the shoe is too narrow for you, you are likely to feel that the little toe is sitting on the edge of the shoe last.

4. Length
Remember one very important thing, when you are running, your feet swell and so lengthen. It means that when buying a new pair of shoes you should always be sure that there is a thumb's width of space between the end of the shoe and your toe. When you are trying shoes a shop assistant can actually measure this dimension while you stand with your shoes laced up.

5. Flex
And the last thing that Ecco experts advise to remember about is to check the shoes’ flex point before you actually put them on. It is easy to do when pressing the tip of the shoe into the floor while holding the heel. You should see that the shoe blends freely and creases along the same line that your foot flexes. The wrong flex usually leads to huge discomforts and arch pains later on.
About the Author: Lyle Bush operates as a content developer for a number of online publications, who writes about a mix of sport themes exemplified by the great applied use of Ecco and Rockport shoes for men and women for running training. A tireless nomad of online space and an influencer in all things related to the sport wear.

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