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February 7, 2016

What You Need to Know About eSports

Electronic sports are becoming more and more popular these days. Such championships as Intel Extreme Masters and Dreamhack with lavish prize pools show that such disciplines as League of Legends and Dota 2 are becoming as popular as soccer and tennis. Additionally, as eSports are quite popular amongst the IT-inclined people, it is often possible to see eSports betting on the offer at the same places as offer bitcoin gambling. But is it safe to bet on eSports? Let’s find out below.
What are eSports?

Electronic sports, also known as pro-gaming are competitive types of computer games. Most commonly they are played on the gaming consoles or personal computers. Frequently these sports are performed in the form of multiplayer with two teams competing against each other.

The sharp increase in the popularity of the eSports started in late 2000. Due to the spike in the amount of the professional teams and tournaments, the development of the eSports betting has started as well. At this moment, it can be done as a part of the bitcoin gambling, real money betting and in-game skins betting. 

In some countries, like Korea, eSports popularity have surpassed the popularity of regular sports long time ago. Now let’s take a look how you can make money with this trendy activity.

Safety of the eSports betting

When you consider which type of eSports betting to choose, you will have to be aware of the level of safety that each of betting types involves. Unlike bitcoin gambling, real money eSports and in-game skins betting are considered as risky ones. The development of the industry has brought high amount of the scams which are trying to fool you and steal your credit card details or skins.

This is why when you go for one of these types of betting, you have to make a research about betting website that you are going to use. Additionally, you have to take their commissions into account, since they can vary from relatively small to around 50%.

On the other hand, eSports betting via bitcoin gambling can be considered as the safest one. First of all, any type of bitcoin betting comes with increased anonymity, meaning that your identity will not be revealed at any stage of the betting process. More to that, bitcoin gambling commissions are lower in comparison to those on real money betting.

Should you bet on the eSports?

If you are interested in eSports and are able to perform analysis of the performance of the teams then eSports betting can be your choice. But, you have to check your potential betting provider before you sign up with it. In order to stay safe and do not reveal your real identity during your betting, we would recommend you to choose bitcoin gambling over other methods.

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