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April 12, 2016

Xtrade Enlists Cristiano Ronaldo as the Brand Ambassador

XTrade are a company that are already making waves in the online financial trading market, with their mobile CFD app now the number one in its sector. Keen to build on their success and reach a wider audience, they have recently made Portuguese football superstar Cristiano Ronaldo their brand ambassador. As a celebrity with a lot of appeal, Ronaldo has been involved in endorsing brands before, however this has generally been limited to brands related to football, sport or fashion. However, connecting with XTrade adds a new dimension to his personal brand, as well as helping the company meet its global objectives.   

An International Brand Needs An International Star

XTrade clearly wants to expand on their existing global outreach with Ronaldo as the face of their brand. The platform is available in 38 languages, and XTrade has offices in 13 locations, employing over 1000 people worldwide. It is clear then, that they are positioned as a global brand that supports traders wherever they are, and whichever international markets or currency pairs they are interested in. To promote a brand like this outside of the English speaking market using a celebrity, it is of course vital to choose someone who is well recognised around the world, and whose image creates the same connotations everywhere.

Why Ronaldo?

As a four time golden boot winner and high profile participant in things like the FIFA World Cup, UEFA European Cup and UEFA Champions' League, Ronaldo fits the bill perfectly. He plays for the Portuguese national team and for Real Madrid in Spain, and as well as being respected as one of the most talented players of his generation, he also lives the celebrity lifestyle and is seen as a male fashion icon and sex symbol. This all adds up to a globally recognisable star who represents success, affluence and winning – all things that suit the XTrade brand and appeal to potential traders.

XTrade and Cristiano Ronaldo on Their New Partnership

In a recent press release talking about the partnership between Ronaldo and XTrade, the company's head of operations Mike Leigh discussed the move:
“We are very excited to have Cristiano Ronaldo as our partner. We recognise strong similarities between us, as we both strive to be the number one performers in our fields. This partnership signifies an opportunity to support one of the world’s most exciting talents while promoting our market-leading and innovative online CFD trading products globally, increasing our international presence.”

In the same release from XTrade, Ronaldo himself is quoted as saying:
“To be the best, you need the best. That is why I have chosen to partner with XTrade, one of the world’s leading digital trading platforms. And there is no easy way to become the world’s best. The only way is through perseverance, practice, and more practice – until perfection.”

This is an interesting coupling of a financial trading brand and a mega star athlete, which will be interesting to watch in terms of how it speaks to potential new XTrade users around the world.

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