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May 23, 2016

Like Numbers? Get a Better Future with an Online Accounting Degree

If you enjoy working with figures, and think that a career in accountancy would be challenging and rewarding, then you may want to study for an accountancy qualification so that you can enter the profession. The problem is that studying for an accountancy qualification is not easy; it can be time consuming. This can be an issue if you already have a full time job, and a busy life outside of work.
Of course, there will be some compromises to make if you want to gain the qualifications you need to embark on a career in accountancy. Studying online can help you keep these compromises to a minimum. You can read more about the Online Accounting Degrees offered by Upskilled. This can help you see that there are options if you want to live you life and study at the same time. Let’s take a look at what a career in accountancy may have to offer you and how online study can help you achieve your ambition.

Why a career in accounting?

If you study for an accountancy degree you can open up plenty of career opportunities that require accountancy expertise. The most obvious career choices are those in accountancy itself, such as chartered accountant. This role involves managing financial systems and budgets as well as carrying out audits and providing financial advice.

If you embark on a career as a chartered accountant you can expect a wide salary scale from around AU$ 48,000 to AU$ 100,000. If you decide to take the management accountant route then you could end up with responsibilities including preparing financial statements, ensuring spend is adhered to, informing strategic decisions and liaising with managers in other fields to put accounts and finances into context. Typical management accountant salaries currently range from around AU$ 58,000 to AU$ 104,000. Of course a degree in accounting can also be useful if you want to embark on careers outside of accountancy itself.

If you study for an accountancy degree online you may also want to consider a career in a role such as management consultancy. This is a more wide ranging role that involves carrying out analysis and research, getting information from employees and clients and preparing business proposals. Working as a management consultant you could expect to earn around AU$54,000 to AU$182,000.
There are plenty of career opportunities for you if you decide to study for an accountancy degree. Now let’s take a look at how studying online can help make it easier to gain your qualification.

The benefits of studying for an accountancy degree online

If you are already employed full time it can be difficult to find the time to attend a college to study for a degree. If this applies to you then choosing to study for an accountancy degree online enables you to fit your study around your work and other aspects of your life. You choose when you are able to study best; this could be after work in the evening, or during your lunch break. Of course, choosing to study online means you can do all of your studying from the comfort of your own home if you choose to? This is a distinct advantage when it comes to making best use of your time.
You can see that there are plenty of opportunities in the world of accountancy, and fields where an accountancy qualification can be used. If you want to take advantage of these opportunities then you can do so, by studying for an accountancy degree online.
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