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June 10, 2016

New Graduates Should Choose Tech Careers Over Wall Street (Video)

By EconMatters

Financial Markets have seen their Zenith, whereas the Technology Sector is just getting started in my opinion. Why do you think the Financial Industry is trying to rebrand themselves as Technology Firms?

Go to work where future investment capital is going to flow, business development in the financial industry is beyond mature, it has already seen its glory days. The decision from a Decision Making Tree Process isn`t even close, sure an individual might love Finance, but from an expected value and game play optimal standpoint, choosing a career in the Financial Sector versus the Technology Sector is just plain stupid!

You literally are the proverbial Pink Salmon swimming upstream to your miserable death as many management jobs in Finance are still yet to be downsized as automation, regulation and new technology makes many existing business units within finance obsolete at best.

Wall Street is going to increasingly be defined as more top down "Financial Winners" whereas the Technology Sector is going to offer more "Broad Based and Diverse Financial Winners" for employees.

In summation you can be quite average in the Tech Sector and have a rewarding career path, however in the financial sector the trend has been on a glide path for the over-achievers and exceptional to experience a rewarding career path, and steepening by the year. This didn`t used to be the case for Wall Street careers.

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