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June 20, 2016

The Impact of Failing Economies on Societies - Choices Recovery Explains All

Despair has been found to be a leading cause of substance abuse, from alcoholism to drug addiction, and there is ample evidence to support this premise. According to Narconon, Russia is now one of the fastest growing markets for illicit drugs that never were an issue when run as a Communist country within the Soviet Bloc. Many people believed that the propensity of Russians to drink inordinate amounts of Vodka was due largely to Communist oppression but it seems as though the problem has actually increased since the ‘wall’ came tumbling down a couple decades ago. Why is this? Choices Recovery weighs in on the issue and has a viable explanation that could help Russia rise above this growing epidemic.

The Economy Goes from Bad to Worse

After the fall of Communism, Russia was on track for sustained growth. But just less than two decades after they brought down the Soviet Bloc, the crisis of 2008 sent the country into a downward spiral. Like western nations, Russia had trouble pulling itself back up out of the pits but current key indicators show that Russia is beginning its downward spiral once again and has been on this path for at least the past 18 months. Illicit drug trafficking is at an all-time high in Russia and there is really not much else to blame other than despair over a failing economy. Russians had high hopes for a future free from oppression but this has not proven to be forthcoming.

A Quick Look at the Economic Struggles Greece Continues to Face

The continuing financial problems that have beset Greece since the global economic crisis of 2008 have created what is being referred to as a ‘Lost Generation.’ Youths line the streets looking for a cause to believe in, are fighting routinely now instead of playing video games as they had just a decade ago, and many have turned to drugs as an attempt to assuage their despair. As is the case with so many countries around the world, when confronted with such a severe and widespread economic downfall, there is nowhere to turn but drugs and alcohol – or so it seems to the youth of that country in current times.

Per Wickstrom Says Help Is Available in the Face of Despair

Per Wickstrom, founder and CEO of Choices Recovery says that even despair of this magnitude can be counteracted with the right treatment. Instead of giving young people cause of hope, governments are harping on the economy and giving false hope that millennials can see right through. Per believes that international agencies should step in to offer counselling and mentoring for those youths so highly affected by a sluggish economy. “It won’t be an easy road to travel,” he says, “but with just a bit of mentoring and information they can begin to work themselves free from the bondage they are suffering. Only then can the youth in those countries can start working towards a brighter future.”

Is the United States headed down the same path as that being travelled by Russia and Greece? We can only hope not but if, indeed, our market is in for another collapse, it is better to be armed against despair than to allow ourselves to succumb to it. Support programs should be put in place now for the eventuality of widespread panic. If the economy once again recovers it won’t matter a great deal but if the economy spirals downwards once again, at least we will be prepared for it this time. As the old cliché goes, forewarned is forearmed and that is the preventative measure we all need to avoid disaster. Per has hit the nail on the head once again and now it is just a game of waiting.

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