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July 3, 2016

The Inequality Debate is an Outgrowth of Political Correctness and Over the Top Liberalism (Video)

By EconMatters

We delve into the topic of Inequality in this video. This debate has really picked up steam the last 10 years, and the pandering of the mainstream media for rating`s purposes to the general populous regarding this issue is quite detrimental to the actual problem. If you want more of the spoils in a capitalistic society you better be exceptional or "unequal" in nature relative to your competition.

Therefore, blaming others for your lack of success in life is wasted and inefficient use of energy. In the end life has consequences for the choices we make throughout our journey in this world. A realization is needed here that the news media is just selling a bill of goods that a large portion of the population likes to hear because it makes them feel better about their current situation, and the choices that individuals have made in their lives instead of holding them accountable for the poor marketable skillsets, personal behaviors, and uncompetitive life choices.

Human beings are inherently unequal, life is inherently unfair (In essence it is Brutally and Uncompromisingly Fair) and a capitalistic society is some sense is a reflection and promotion of these truisms in life. That isn`t to say that charitable aspects and a degree of basic humanitarian and social elements don`t hold value within a capitalistic society because they do have a necessary but complementary role in improving the overall quality, structure and health of a functioning capitalistic model.

But the degree of finger pointing, class warfare, and outright jealousy for those who routinely make better decisions in life is just not a constructive enterprise. More time should be spent on promoting values within a society that lead to more accountability in life. That there are consequences even for wasting time avoiding the "truths" of this world that Political Correctness and Over the Top Liberalism pander to and bury away in neat boxes because we don`t like to talk or think about them. Human Beings are Inherently Unequal - it is a fundamental fact of nature. Denying this fact, hiding it, or glossing over it doesn`t make the underlying truth go away, and is quite destructive in and of itself as an enterprise.

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