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August 3, 2016

4 Functions Your Growing Business Needs to Outsource

They say it takes a village to raise a child - and well, it might just take a village to build a business too. While you’ve laid the foundation for something great, you can’t continue tackling everything on your own as your business really take off, and you think about expansion.

For this reason, it’s important to start streamlining your business and your own process. By handing over these four logistics to seasoned professionals, you can focus on the aspects of your business where you can really contribute. Plus, you’re going to save yourself a whole lot of time and money.


You built this brand - the company around it, and probably taught yourself everything along the way. But, that doesn’t mean you’re a professional at every trade you learned to start this business. So when things start picking up, it’s time to bring in a marketing agency to clean up your website, help get some great email campaigns off the ground, and start implementing some SEO.

These aspects of your business are necessary for growth - but they take a lot of time. Besides that, branding should be handled by an expert who knows all the tricks and industry standards.

Social Media

Being social is key to your businesses branding and growth. While you might have started off the Facebook fan page, and curated the most Instagrammable photos - eventually it’s time to build a strategy and leverage some real growth with the help of a social media manager. You can combine this with your marketing agency, or you can always hire a freelancer to handle your social pages for a few hours a day, or week.


Whether you’re a booming e-commerce business or a brick and mortar store fulfilling website orders - you probably don’t have the infrastructure, skills, or warehouse to supplement your growing fulfilment needs. If you try and keep up with your growing orders you’re going to not only lose time trying to master this entire sector, but you’re going to lose money.

By hiring a fulfillment partner you can take advantage of the great rates they’ve established with carriers, as well as the efficient warehouse system they have in place. A fulfilment partner will also manage returns, and customer assistance for any shipping needs. Handing this off to the professionals is really going to pay off.

Customer Service

If you’re picking up phones, responding to FAQ’s, and warding off complaints - you’re not managing your time or talents correctly. You shouldn’t bother handing this off to your team either, because you probably hired them to do more than customer service.

Instead, hire a company that can come in, represent your brand, and manage customer service on a professional level. This ensures that your customers are going to be have their problems or questions troubleshooted by experts that make your company look great.

By outsourcing these four aspects of your business you can maximize your own potential, as well as significantly improve the functionality of your branding, social media, fulfilment, and customer service. When it comes down to it, it’s not about asking for help when you need it - it’s about managing your business properly.

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