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August 13, 2016

What To Do When You Have Water Leaks

Water is an amazing substance, and apart from being the giver of life, it can squeeze through the tiniest of cracks, causing leaks. Any piped system that involves a degree of pressure is liable to spring leaks from time to time. Corrosion, weathering of joints, and incorrectly aligned pipes can all cause a leak, and that is just the beginning.

Extensive damage

A water leak invariably leads to further damage by rotting plaster and possibly rafters and floorboards, and if it comes in contact with any electrics, it is likely to result in a short circuit and a blown fuse. If a person notices a damp area on the wall or ceiling, call the local plumber, as time is of the essence. For western Australian citizens, Plumbdog offer twenty-four hour emergency support, to keep the damage to an absolute minimum.

Burst pipes

This is water leakage on a grand scale, and is easily the worst case scenario, as the amount of water that escapes will be considerable, due to the high water pressure of the mains system. Water pipes can rupture for a number of reasons, a rodent might gnaw through a pipe, or continuous direct sunlight could cause a section of pipe to weaken, and then split open. Often home improvements can rupture a water pipe, and the damage could be considerable, depending on where the rupture occurs.

Turn off the water

The first thing to do is to cut off the water supply, limiting the damage caused, and the next thing to do is call out the emergency plumber, who can quickly locate the ruptured section, and make the necessary repairs.

Leaky taps

Apart from the annoying sound, a leaky tap can cost quite a bit of money, as it is dripping all day and night, constantly turning the meter. When one looks at the tiny amount of water, one can be forgiven for thinking it is negligible, but over a period of one month, that water could provide a few baths or showers. There are plumbers in Perth that can repair any water leak, day or night, and a simple online search will reveal their contact details.

Be observant

Leaking pipes are not always apparent, so it is a good idea to check periodically, especially behind appliances such as washing machines or dishwashers, as they often breach at the connecting joint. There are occasions when the water leak is not close enough to the house to be noticed, and perhaps the water is seeping into the soil in the garden. If one noticed a sudden rise in water usage that could not be explained, there could be a water leak under the garden. Plumbers have testing equipment, and can locate leaks without having to dig holes or damage the ground in any way. For a family, the water used over say, one year, is not likely to increase, and if that happens, call in the experts and have the water system checked.

Water leaks are a part of life, and so is repairing them, and if a person wants quick and effective results in an emergency, call in the local plumber.

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