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September 21, 2016

Top 5 Costly Home Renovation Mistakes

5 Costly House Renovation Mistakes
House renovations can sometimes be a stressful experience, especially if things don’t go to plan. Mistakes can waste a lot of time and money, so it is important to plan everything well in advance and to keep a close eye on the work as it is being carried out. The right amount of preparation should minimise the risk of things going wrong with Perth renovations.

Read this guide to five of the costliest house renovation mistakes.

Choosing A Renovations Company With The Lowest Rates

It may be tempting to choose a renovations company with bargain basement rates. These companies may not be the most professional when it comes to taking pride in their work. They may also prove to be unreliable and difficult to contact in the event of any emergencies.

These ‘bargain-basement' firms might carry out work which looks good to the casual observer but on closer inspection might be extremely poorly done. Shoddy work will need to be repaired and could end up costing thousands of dollars to put right.

Shop around and compare different companies before selecting the best Perth renovators for the job.

Implementing A Short Timeframe For Renovations

Homeowners can sometimes lose sight of the fact that a good job shouldn’t be rushed. Putting a short timeframe on renovations may cause homeowners to urge their renovations team to do a job quickly. This could lead to mistakes being made and accidents occurring. The cost of fixing unsatisfactory renovations could be higher than the original remodelling work.

It is important to remember that renovations can often take a lot longer than originally planned due to unforeseen circumstances. For example, if a renovation is planned to take a month, be prepared to add an extra month onto the timeframe. It is important to remain calm and patient if renovations take longer than expected. The renovations company will be doing their utmost to ensure that the remodelling work is being carried out to the highest standard possible.

Choosing Renovations Which Clash With The Style Of The House

Choosing renovations which clash with the overall style of the house might cause homeowners to regret their decisions at a later date. Homeowners should choose a style which they know will fit in with the rest of the house.

Using Materials Which Are Too Costly For The Budget

Every homeowner wants their house to look as good as possible after the renovations are finished. However, this can cause people to overspend on materials which are too expensive for them to afford. For example, marble handles for the toilets in the house may have seemed like a good idea at the time, but would it be more cost-effective to use metal or plastic? Take these details into account when allocating the budget.

Having Unrealistic Expectations

It is important to keep some ideas in check whilst planning the renovations. Some people can allow their imaginations to run wild, which may contribute to overspending. For example, is a marble staircase really necessary or would the money be better spent refurbishing the run down old kitchen?

Use this guide to avoid costly renovation mistakes.

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