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September 22, 2016

Top SEO Lessons We Can Learn from Stock Traders

If you are somebody who has an interest in the stock market, you may be able to use this to improve the way in which you carry out and implement search engine optimization (SEO) strategies for your company. 

Although stock trading and SEO may not tie together in many ways at all, both of them require a certain type of attitude and strategy in order to achieve success. When it comes to successful stock trading, there are plenty of things that good traders do which SEO professionals, marketers and business owners would do well to learn and use in relation to their SEO strategies and campaigns. We’ve put together some of the top things that successful stock traders do that you should be applying to SEO.

The Safe Bet

Stock traders and investors who are in it for ‘the long game’ will usually invest in a range of ‘safe bet’ shares, for example shares in companies such as Apple. Using this as an example, you could apply the ‘safe bet’ method to your link building campaigns; basing it on a variety of ‘safe’ links, for example by creating relationships with bloggers who will always have links available and will provide you with a constant source of organic traffic. For more information on creating a successful link building campaign, see Click Intelligence.

Staying Up to Date

Successful stock traders know that staying up to date with the latest trends in the stock market and ensuring that they stay in the know about the companies that they have invested in is absolutely vital to making money. When running an SEO campaign, there are plenty of things which business owners and marketers can learn from successful traders when it comes to staying up to date. In order to ensure that your website practices good SEO, it’s important to make sure that you are up to date with all of the latest SEO trends and updates and apply them to your campaign. For example, many businesses who ignored the trend of having a responsive or mobile friendly website were left devastated after Google’s Mobilegeddon update to its algorithm. 

Investing Early

Any good investor will know that making an investment as early as possible is usually a good track to success. When it comes to SEO, business owners should definitely have the same mind-set, as the earlier you invest in a good SEO campaign, the better. Whether investing in good SEO means learning more about it yourself in order to do it yourself or finding a suitable SEO agency or professional to take over your company’s SEO needs, investing in good search engine optimization as early as possible when you set up your company will help you reach higher levels of sales, increase profits, and improve your online presence and competitiveness much sooner.

When it comes to good SEO, there is actually a lot that you can learn from successful stock traders and investors. This is because they practice some great strategies which can be beneficial to SEO professionals and marketers, too.

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