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October 20, 2016

Helping Veterans Find Job Has Become a National Priority

Chart Source: IAVA.org

Veterans are highly talented individuals who have already done so much for their country, and who wish to continue doing even more. They are assets in a variety of fields, and they have so much to offer. But they oftentimes find it difficult to enter the workforce after they have left the military, so helping veterans find work has become a national priority. Continue reading to learn more about this important topic and to discover how veterans are being helped today.

Helping Veterans Get the Education That They Need

When a veteran leaves the military, they already have a large skill set that makes them qualified to work in a variety of fields, but they might also need to go back to school to further refine their skills or acquire totally new skills in order to enter a new career path. Thanks to programs like the Soldier for Life initiative, which gives veterans necessary resources and training in order to more easily enter civilian life again, and thanks to schools like this military friendly online university, veterans are finally getting the assistance that they need to make the transition, boost their resume, and start a whole new career.

Community Organizations That Help Veterans Find Their Calling

The Soldier for Life Initiative not only prepares veterans for transition into civilian life, it also connects them with organizations like the Military Affairs Innovation Center at K-State and the Big Red One. These private organizations work together on assisting veterans as they try to network with other professionals and determine what career path they would like to take now that they are no longer working for the military. For soldiers who find it difficult to determine what they want to do, this partnership makes it easier.

Benefitting the Veterans and the Taxpayers

When veterans are able to find work, it benefits not only their lives, but also the lives of taxpayers around the country. This is because soldiers who are out of work have to receive unemployment benefits. Over the course of the last five years alone, the Department of Defense spent about $4.6 billion in unemployment benefits. With programs like Soldier for Life, more veterans are able to find work sooner rather than later, and that is reducing the amount of money that needs to be spent on unemployment payouts. This, in turn, benefits everyone, from the veteran to the taxpayer, and it also means that a greater number of talented individuals can successfully enter the workforce and start making a difference every day, which is exactly what veterans want to do.

As veterans leave the military and rejoin civilian life, it can be really hard for them to find their way. But rather than leaving them behind and letting them fend for themselves, new programs have been set in place that are making it easier for veterans to get an education, network and make valuable connections, and land the civilian job that will be just as fulfilling and exciting as the work they did in the military.

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