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October 24, 2016

How Often should You Inspect Your Wiring?

This is a question that often arises with a homeowner, and with electricity involved, it is always a good idea to err on the side of caution. Various areas of the home, such as roofing, plumbing, and electrical wiring require regular inspection and maintenance, in order to function correctly. A leaking pipe would have some consequences, but a faulty wiring job could burn the house down, so when thinking electrics, it makes sense to leave nothing to chance.

Regular inspections

Wiring in older homes is much more likely to need attention, and if one’s home was built a few decades ago, it could be time for a change. Twenty five years is the typical lifespan of a wiring system, but there needs to be annual inspections on any property. Modern cables and conduits are much more durable, but rodents and insects can compromise electrical wiring, so regular inspections are advised. If one lives in Western Australia, Amy Electrical is an established company, who would be happy to send someone round to inspect the wiring.

Copper or aluminium

Copper wiring is older and connections are subject to normal wear and tear, so it is always a good idea to ask the electrician to do a visual inspection whenever they are doing some work in the home. Aluminium wiring is used in most modern homes, and while it is less susceptible to corrosion, one should still carry out regular inspections.

Periodic inspections

These are essential and should include the following,
  • Test for system overload
  • Identify shock risks and fire hazards  
  • Identify faulty wiring  
  • Identify lack of earth bonding

If a homeowner wishes to feel secure about the electrical system, they should carry out this test every few years, and anything untoward would be noticed and rectified. A fire could destroy one’s home, along with all the valuables one has collected over the years, and if one is not fully insured, this could be very costly.

Local services

If one is living in Western Australia, and is looking for a Fremantle electrician, there are online solutions that can deal with all aspects of electrical work, including rewiring. If one is either buying or selling a property, it is advisable to arrange an electrical inspection, and if one is about to rent a home, ask the landlord to arrange an inspection, which will give both parties peace of mind.

Safety issues

Extreme weather can take its toll on wiring, and with fallen branches and other debris caused by strong winds, there is always a chance that a cable is damaged or severed. An electrician has all the right tools and equipment and can very quickly determine if the wiring in a building is safe or in need of repair. One cannot take any chances with electricity, and for a small fee, one can have the system inspected, and any defects or malfunctions can be immediately addressed.

The saying “Better to be safe than sorry” certainly applies to electricity, so always ensure that the wiring is checked on a regular basis.

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