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October 27, 2016

Top 5 Careers Still Worth the Investment

All jobs can be worthwhile. Obviously being able to pay your bills is a priority, and some people have to take whatever jobs they can, however there are some careers that take a lot of study, money and time, before you are fully qualified to take them on, you may even want to take an online course, such as a DNP online. If you’re putting this much into it, you need to know it’s going to be worth the investment of both your money, time and efforts.

In many ways judging what’s worthwhile is down to personal priorities, what you’re looking to get out of it. Some people judge a worthwhile career as one that will earn them a lot of money, some value happiness more, others think of it in terms of people they could help, while some just want to know they have a job for life. These five jobs hopefully consider all of these things to some extent.


Nursing is a great vocation. Nurses not only spend years training, but when working, they put in long hours, and give so much back. They look after, and educate, patients, communicate between staff and families, make decisions, deal with medication and provide invaluable emotional support to both patients and family members or loved ones. Nursing takes a very caring nature, but nurses often claim to be very happy in their roles, and most continue until they reach retirement age. If you are interested in returning to education to do a doctor of nursing practice, have a look at these courses.


Surgery is a very high pressure job, with awful hours, high risks, and horrible moments, but surgeons do it, and they love it, because of the people they can save. The difference they can make on the operating table makes it all worth it.

Medical Research

Researchers look at not only the current benefits of their career, but what it could lead to in the future. Discoveries made today, could save countless lives, and prevent numerous diseases in the future. This can only be an incredibly worthwhile career.


Another career that will have an impact on the future is teaching. Today’s teachers are creating the doctors, nurses, lawyers, and police officers of the future, filling them with knowledge and a passion for learning that will take them on to great things. Who can say how many lives a teacher can enrich and inspire?

General Practitioners

Medical professionals often come high on such lists as this. This is down to the amount of lives they can change, or even save, putting the investment they made to qualify to the best possible use. Becoming a general practitioner is a great option for many, as the working hours are a lot better than doctors working in hospitals.

These are by no means the only careers out there that are worth your investment. At the end of the day, if you follow your passion, maybe you won’t be rich, but it will be worth your investment in terms of happiness and satisfaction. Careers such as becoming a lawyer or banker may financially give you a great return on your investment, but in all studies completed on career satisfaction, these people do not report the same levels of fulfillment.

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