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November 10, 2016

An Open Letter to President-Elect Trump

By Frank Li, Econintersec

Dear Mr. Trump,

Congratulations on your impressive win, against all odds!

As one of your staunch supporters (Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton), I, like many who voted for you, have mixed feelings about your Presidency ...

On one hand, I hope you will become a great peaceful transformational leader America desperately needs (Donald Trump vs. Deng Xiaoping). On the other hand, some of your campaign positions (e.g. on race and religion) really worry me.

Bottom line: like many Americans, I voted for you as the lesser of two evils!

Now, you must govern, and you have three choices:

Bad: out-Kennedy Kennedy!

Good: out-Reagan Reagan!

Great: out-Lincoln Lincoln!

Let me elaborate on each ...

1. Bad: out-Kennedy Kennedy!

JFK should be recognized as the worst American President for one reason: Executive Order 10988!

Specifically, by signing Executive Order 10988 on January 17, 1962, President Kennedy allowed public-sector workers to unionize against their employers, the people of the United States of America! This communistic act (i.e. the reversal of the master-servant relationship) did help millions of public-sector workers join the ranks of the middle class, at the cost of America's future though: It ensured a spectacular failure of America down the road, city by city, state by state, as we have been experiencing over the past decade, with no end in sight! For more, read: Detroit, Public-Sector Unions, and JFK.

Now, why did JFK, against the explicit warning by his idol FDR (Letter from FDR Regarding Public-Sector Unions), allow public-sector unions? To maximize his chance of re-election in 1964, thanks to "getting re-elected ad nauseam"!

2. Good: out-Reagan Reagan!

I consider Ronald Reagan the best American President since WWII, at least!

Nevertheless, for historic accuracy, it is important to understand two major problems that became worse on President Reagan's watch:

The MIC (Military-Industrial Complex): It grew amok on his watch, although President Reagan claimed to be fiscally conservative.

American conservatism: He succinctly defined it, indeed, yet the government saw unfettered growth on his watch.

3. Great: out-Lincoln Lincoln!

President Lincoln confronted the biggest problem of his time (i.e. union disintegration because of slavery) and solved it satisfactorily, thus having fundamentally transformed America for the better!

You too should confront the biggest problem of your time and solve it satisfactorily, thus fundamentally transforming America for the better!

What, then, is the biggest problem of your time? Our failed political system, thanks to getting re-elected ad nauseam!

What, then, is the solution? Reforming our political system!

Specifically, here is what you should do:

  1. Re-define the American Presidency. For more, read: Let’s Redefine the American Presidency, Now (Version 3)!
  2. Serve only one term to set a good example, just like President Washington did with two terms. For more, read: American Presidency: Why is One-Term a Must (Version 3)? 
  3. Set term limits for Congress. For more, read: Solution for America (Version 3).

Our next two big problems are the following:

  1. Democratic Socialism, with the worst example being the public-sector unions. On your first day, you should issue an executive order to undo Executive Order 10988. 
  2. Democratic Imperialism, with the worst example being the MIC. You must attack the MIC to out-Reagan Reagan!

With these three big problems being addressed, you may out-Lincoln Lincoln for one reason: President Lincoln did it via the Civil War, in which more Americans were killed than all the other wars America had fought from 1776 to 2014, combined!

In contrast, you can do it peacefully. Better yet, there is an example for you: China's Deng Xiaoping, who, in my opinion, has proved to be the greatest peaceful transformational leader in human history!

4. Discussion

An American President is not a king or dictator (e.g. China's Mao Zedong), and is thus limited in greatness (e.g. China's Deng Xiaoping) or destructiveness (e.g. Adolf Hitler). In other words, no American President, past, present, or future, should be revered as a great historical figure in human history, either in form or in substance! Why not? Because there has never been, and there will never be, an American President comparable in achievements with great historical figures like Alexander the Great, China's First Emperor, and China's Deng! It is simply not what the American Presidency was designed to be. More pointedly, the U.S. Constitution was specifically written to limit the powers of the American President to prevent the tyranny of a king.

So if you can do for America what a dictator like China’s Deng did for China, thus truly making America great again for decades, if not centuries, to come, you will not only out-Lincoln Lincoln, but also possibly out-Deng Deng in human history!

I thank you very much for your attention and look forward to a great Trump Presidency!

Best regards,

Frank Li, Ph.D.

Courtesy of Frank Li, Ph.D, Author of The GOP Bible for 2016 via Econintersect.com

The views and opinions expressed herein are the author's own, and do not necessarily reflect those of EconMatters.

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