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December 18, 2016

Natural Gas Probably Gaps Up Sunday Night (Video)

By EconMatters

We discuss the cold weather hitting the country to start the week, discuss the natural gas market in depth from a trading standpoint, looking at the fundamentals, technicals, and psychological trading drivers of the commodity in this video.

Do we get the back to back brutal winter snowstorms this January? This is the big determining factor regarding potential upside past $4/MMBtu, but we could move anywhere depending upon either 6 brutal comprehensive snowstorms in a row hitting the Midwest and East Coasts simultaneously without pause and $6 natural gas is in the cards, or warm weather spurts between snowstorms that take the momentum out of the sails of the market.

This is why it is always best not to top tick markets by buying into strength unless you have a definite catalyst that will only strengthen or continue to propel the trade, because remember you need somebody to buy or sell after you enter a position to make money in the market depending upon the direction you entered a given market.

Always beware of buy the rumor, and sell the news price action, it makes fools of many a trader in historical reference. Ask yourself how could I be wrong in this position, with natural gas how much supply can come online this year and within what timeframe to meet higher prices and demand?

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