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January 9, 2017

How to Beef Up Security for Your Business Premise

Are you looking for ways to make your business premises more secure and less of a target to thieves? Most business owners look for ways to beef up their business premise’s security and, fortunately, there are many ways in which they can do so, including the following ways to make your place of work better protected and less at risk from criminal activity.

Have a Locksmith Check Your Business Premises

If it’s been some time since you last upgraded or made any changes to your business premise’s security, have leading locksmiths in Perth carry out a full inspection of your premises and make recommendations.

A risk assessment is the first step in identifying areas that are at risk and then making the required changes and upgrades. Find a local locksmith that specialises in commercial security (www.actionlock.com.au is a good website to start your search for a leading local locksmith) and schedule a time for them to visit you at work and carry out a comprehensive risk assessment.

Focus on the Entry Points

As the locksmith will tell you, the entry points to your business premises need the most attention. There are many things that you can do here, such as:

• Upgrade the locks

• Upgrade the hinges

• Upgrade the doors

• Add security bars and grilles

Strengthening the access points on the premises is the best deterrent to thieves, but that isn’t all that you need to do to make your workplace safer and more secure. CCTV and Alarm Systems

These security additions are essential in all workplaces these days and as they’re increasingly affordable every business owner can afford to have a simple yet effective system in their workplace.

Many business owners opt for simple systems (this is fine as a simple system is all that’s required in most cases), it’s still very important to ensure that the system installed to protect your business premises will do the job it’s been installed to do. While you needn’t break the bank installing a CCTV and alarm system at your place of work, you must make sure that the system you have installed is adequate and covers the main areas of the premises along with all access and entry points.

Advertise Your Security

This doesn’t involve taking out ads in the local paper, but putting up signs that alert intruders to the fact that you have a CCTV and alarm system in place. The cameras themselves are an excellent deterrent as these are one of the first things that thieves will look for before trying to break in, however, advertising the security system that you have in place with signs will serve as a further deterrent, further decreasing the chances of criminals picking your business premises to break into.

Adequate security is essential if your business premises is to remain safe and secure from thieves. If you’re looking to beef up your business premise’s security there are many things that you can do, like having a risk assessment conducted, installing CCTV and alarm systems, and advertising your security.

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