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February 2, 2017

Why More People are Opting for Their MBA Online

The cost of an MBA can be anywhere between $24,000 and $94,000 according to a recent infographic by Washington State University. Factor in the loss of income, and this figure can be even higher. This is one of the main factors why many business professionals are now choosing to study for their MBA online.

When you study online, you can do so while still working in a full time job. Not only is this a bonus from a financial perspective, but you can also directly apply what you are learning to your current career. Online MBA programs are flexible, enabling you to study whenever you want, and they also enable you to study at a location of your choice, with no need to be located close to campus.

If this all sounds great, find out more about why an online MBA is ideal from the infographic below.

Washington State University Washington State University created this infographic.

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