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March 10, 2017

Gambling vs. Investing

For many people, investing is a means to put their money to good use to hopefully make a profit.  Many have likened investing somewhat to gambling as both come with some inherent risk. Despite this similarity there are also many differences between the two.

Investment Returns

The primary objective with both gambling and investing is to get a positive return on principal. Usually larger sums of money can be made in the short term with gambling while good returns from investments could take years. Gambling sometimes offers much quicker return but often has a significant amount of risk associated with it, so if there is a review of a casino available such as this Spin Palace review, it is recommended to give a quick read before playing any games. For some people gambling can also be much more enjoyable as it also has a related social element.

Even though they seem have similar purpose, gambling and investing do also come with some obvious difference.

Social Perceptions

Perhaps one of the main differentiating factors between gambling and investing is how they are generally received by society. Investing is deemed to be more socially acceptable to enhance one’s financial portfolio.  As a matter of fact, our economy relies on investors to provide capital and funding.  With such a wide range of investment options available, some investors are rather selective about whom they are willing to fund.  For instance, some people prefer to invest in companies that align with their view on politics, social issues and/or environmental concerns.  While this may seem to have a much more positive connotation, gambling falls more on the negative side. While it is true that gambling somewhat also helps the economy, some see it as having detrimental effects when not proceed with tremendous caution.   

In addition, time is probably another important factor to consider.  From that perspective, people short of patience and need a quicker return on their money may turn to gambling rather than investing.

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