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March 7, 2017

How to Compete in a Tough Hotel Industry

Hotels across the world provide millions of rooms for travellers every day, offering a little oasis when they are hundreds or thousands of miles from home. With more hotels emerging every year, the industry is becoming more competitive, which is why hoteliers are adapting their services to encourage guests to book a stay with them. For this reason, we are providing helpful tips to compete in the competitive industry.

A Business Strategy

Never underestimate the importance of a business strategy in the hospitality industry. From the hotel manager to the kitchen porter, every member of the team must have a thorough understanding of the company’s goals to continually achieve the group objective.

Whether you are an experienced general manager or a budding hotelier, it is vital you understand the importance of a strategic management process, which you should integrate throughout the hotel’s operations to boost customer satisfaction, company turnover and industry performance.

Transform with Technology

Technology can provide a guest with greater flexibility, as many hotels are now creating apps that allow visitors to upgrade their hotel room at the touch of a button or order room service without having to telephone reception. So, if you want to wow your guests, try to identify how you can transform your technology services to meet their needs. For inspiration, take a look at the most high-tech hotels in the industry.

Update the Hotel

Successful hotel developers, such as Sajan Hansji, are living proof that you can enjoy a successful career in the hospitality industry. You simply need to create beautiful hotels that people are vying to book. If your hotel is looking a little outdated or worn, it might be worthwhile embarking on a renovation project to breathe new life into a property.

Guests no longer want to see beige walls and plain bedding. They expect colour, patterns and decorative accessories – so they can take photos at the hotel that they can promote on social media channels, such as Facebook and Instagram, which is a modern form of word of mouth. Not only will a renovation freshen up the building for future guests, but it may also lead to potential PR opportunities that could showcase your new look to the public.

Personalized Experiences

Every hotelier wants their accommodation to stand out in a guest’s mind for the right reasons, which is why you should strive to offer personalized experiences every day. This means offering a level of service they would not ordinarily find at a standard hotel. For example, you could request a guest’s expected check-in time so you can greet them by name as soon as they walk through the door. You could also present a welcome pack filled with goodies, and encourage team members to look for opportunities to improve a guest’s stay.

So, if you want to successfully compete in a tough hospitality industry, you must create an effective business strategy, consider the integration of new technologies, renovate the hotel and offer personalized experiences that will impress your guests.

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