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March 15, 2017

The Fed Is Raising Rates To Fight Stock Market Bubble (Video)

By EconMatters

We do a General Market Commentary video on Fed FOMC Day discussing stocks, bonds, currencies, commodities, and VIX Markets along with the CPI Inflation Data for the day in regards to markets, monetary policy and the overall economy.

This is the start of our subscription model at EconMatters, for a small monthly fee you can learn a lot about financial markets and how best to make and protect your hard earned money. Feel free to suggest video and content that you would like covered in future market videos.

We will strive for at least one new video a day, for a minimum total of 30 videos per month on a variety of market related topics, for your capital investment dollars. If what we provide doesn`t help you more than cover your annual subscription dues, then we aren`t and haven`t reached our goal with this service, and as such you should discontinue your subscription.

We think we are pretty good, in fact, we think we analyze financial markets better than anybody else, and as such derive subscribers a competitive edge. Subscribers basically already got a year to preview our channel, now the monetization phase of the business has begun. This is how commerce works in the free market capitalistic system in its purest form. If we provide value to subscribers we grow our revenue, if we don`t our business model fails. This is how financial markets are actually supposed to operate as well, before Central Banks started socializing and coopting them with intrusive policies that are doomed to fail in the end because that is not how free market capitalism works.

YouTube handles our new EconMatters paid channel subscription.  Please subscribe via YouTube here.  Thanks for your continual support.

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