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April 4, 2017

Central Banks Created The Tech Bubble 2.0 - Leverage At Record Highs (Video)

By EconMatters

We discuss the role that Central Banks have played in creating the Tech Bubble Version 2.0 in this video, as it is obvious there is just too much cheap money sloshing around financial markets right now with all these developed world Central Banks at or near emergency levels in regards to interest rates - basically all the free money in the world that any financial institution could ever ask for in their wildest dreams, and this has led to leverage being at Record Highs once again - and Tech Stocks being in a Massive Bubble once again. All these economies are doing well enough not to be at Emergency Level Recessionary Interest Rates!

Economists need to start going to jail: Because you cannot on one hand create ZIRP for a decade, and let Financial Institutions load up on Leverage all over again, and then ask for Taxpayer money to bail out these same Financial Institutions, and create instruments to offload poor investments that are underwater because they were bought without regard to risks associated with buying these assets at Bubble Valuations because they knew they would be bailed out again by Central Banks! This rises to the level of criminal behavior in my opinion by both parties - Central Banks & Financial Institutions who take ZIRP Central Bank Money!

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