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June 7, 2017

3 Reasons Local SEO is Essential for Any Business

Imagine running a business that is located in a hidden corner on the street where hardly anyone passes through. Obviously, customers would have a hard time finding you and you’d eventually end up having to either relocate or close shop. In the same vein, running your online business without focusing on local SEO will have a direct impact on your site and business visibility, especially if you’re a business that relies on foot traffic.

In this article, we're going to show you exactly why local SEO is fast becoming one of the most powerful and effective strategies for marketing your business online. 

Higher Rate of Conversion

The purpose of driving traffic to your website is not to drive up your analytics, but to actually convert the clicks to sales. Having targeted traffic flocking to your website increases the rate of conversion. As a marketer, you should ensure that your SEO strategy is geographically sensitive and appears among the top companies within your locality. Furthermore, by targeting customers within your geographical location, you are able to study their behaviour, their preferences, and fashion your products to meet their unique requirements. 

Competitive Advantage

If you’re thinking of starting an online business or putting your brick-and-mortar business on the web, it is probably to have a competitive advantage. In light of the fact that more and more online users are searching the web on the go – using their smartphones – your visibility will have a profound impact on your business over your competitors. In other words, online users can find the location of your store before they will find your competitors’. You may already be aware of the fact that brand awareness directly affects your sales. If you reach a wider online presence, you’re likely to have more sales than your competitors. Therefore, if you want to have a competitive advantage over your competitors in your areas of expertise, you should work with local SEO experts such as clickintelligence.com to develop your local SEO marketing strategies.

Positive Testimonials from Local Customers

Word-of-mouth is arguably the most effective form of marketing. Reaching a customer base that is familiar with your store and satisfied with your services will translate into more customers. Local SEO ensures that you appeal to customers closest to you. Customers are known to hold references from neighbours, friends and relatives in high regard. Having a proper local SEO strategy ensures that your satisfied customers work to increase your sales.


SEO strategies are changing, and it is now vital to ensure you target local customers. There are many reasons you should also adopt local SEO strategies. For instance, by targeting local customers, you have more chance of converting these local visitors into buyers, since local searchers are usually in a mood to buy. Furthermore, online users need services that are close to them and can be accessed easily within their geographical location. It is therefore crucial to have a local SEO strategy in place to have an advantage over your local competition.

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