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June 25, 2017

Price Action Trading (Video)

By EconMatters

We talk more about the cult of Price Action Trading in this market video, this trading methodology of the last 10 years has had a lot of influence on financial markets. We discuss a simplified definition of what really constitutes Price Action Trading, and give you real world specific tools to utilize to create an understanding of your given market, and create a profitable trading edge. You can develop a market edge, just how bad do you really want it, are you willing to work for it, and can you stay disciplined. Most people cannot meet this rather simple criteria for success in trading, they ultimately get in their own way in some form or fashion. Really good professionals at higher end professions inevitably exhibit special qualities that are hard to execute on, this is why over and over again, these individuals are always rather relatively small subsets of the overall large pool of the general population. It is a whole lot easier being a Price Maker as opposed to a Price Taker in Financial Markets! The greatest edge in Financial Markets belongs to the Price Maker.

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