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June 14, 2017

Why Entrepreneurs Should Pay More Attention to Tech Solutions

Long gone are the days when a successful entrepreneur needed little more than a really good idea and the intuition to recognize and grasp the opportunities to make it happen – which of course are still crucial aspects of starting a business. Yet today’s entrepreneur needs not only to adapt to technological advancements but to understand how to take advantage of them. Why? For the most fundamental reason of all: to secure your company’s position in the market and to make a profit.

Increase Profit: Search Engine Optimization

Whatever your chosen field of business, it is inevitable that you will have a website out there in order to attract and better serve your clients. Yet your website will do you little good in today’s competitive digital world unless you support it with the necessary tools out there. Let’s start with the basics: anyone running a company with a website these days must have heard of the term SEO – that stands for Search Engine Optimization. SEO is an umbrella term for a variety of practices aimed at increasing website visibility by boosting organic (i.e. non-paid) search engine results. The process utilizes our ever increasing understanding of how search engines operate and how people and their search queries interact with them.

If you have not turned to SEO yet, you probably should – increased website traffic can allow more clicks to be converted into sales, especially if your SEO strategy is focused and well thought out. On that last note, you might be pleased to hear that there are a myriad of free resources out there to get educated on SEO, which will enable you to identify and design the optimal strategy that responds to your company’s needs. You can get started by taking a look at some Google basics like crawling and indexing, or you might even want to consider attending an introductory course on SEO.

…Or Decrease Cost: Load Balancing

Apart from elaborate customer-attracting strategies, it is important to remember to attend to the simple and more mundane details, too. Part of that has to do with your website's technical performance. In other words, do not forget that your website might be compromised by hardware failure or an unprecedented peak in traffic that your server or data center is not equipped to handle. In that case, your website might just crash down, severely disrupting the visitor experience and ultimately turning potential consumers away.

It is best to be prepared and introduce proactive solutions that prevent these problems rather than turn to retroactive and costly responses; in the case described above, your needs are best served by employing a load balancer. Load balancing is the process by which traffic and workload are distributed across multiple servers within your network, ensuring that you make optimal use of your available resources and avoiding overreliance on any single server. International companies operating multiple data centers or hybrid cloud environments will want to consider global server load balancing, which can allocate workload based on user geolocation. The bottom line is that the technical aspects of your website can increase revenue or help minimize financial damage in the same way that the look of your website is important, so you either ignore technology at your own peril, or you make it work for you.

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