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July 5, 2017

5 Great Encore Career Opportunities

Online study, a later retirement age, and people generally staying fitter for longer have all contributed to a rise in encore careers. An encore career is a new career started in later life. With people working for longer than ever, many get bored, fancy a change, want a new challenge, or need to keep working, but they want to find something with shorter hours, easier conditions, or less responsibility. Whatever your reasons for considering a career change, online study gives you the fantastic opportunity to gain new qualifications and skills to enable you to get the right job.


Teaching is a great option for a second career. It’s not overly physical and you can use your knowledge and life experience to help shape young minds. Teaching comes in many different forms. Working in schools is great as it’s a stable job with structure, great holidays, and good pay, but you could also work as a tutor or teach in a niche area.

Healthcare Administration

If your first career is in healthcare, moving on to administration or management could be a great encore career as there is a fantastic natural progression. You’d have the skills and knowledge needed to make important decisions and run a healthcare practice. You’ll need to study for an MHA degree to get started. The healthcare industry is changing and developing all the time and there is a huge need for healthcare workers who are looking to progress. This could be the perfect time to try this challenging and rewarding career.


Consulting is a great way to use your skills to help others. You can consult in pretty much any field where you have lots of knowledge and experience. People are always looking for someone to help spot problems and find solutions, especially small business owners. You could work for yourself, taking clients as and when you wish, meeting new people and helping a variety of clients. Consulting is a brilliant way to help others who are just starting out while getting to be smart and creative.

Start Your Own Business

Starting your own business is tough. But, when it works there is an incredible sense of pride and achievement in knowing that you made it happen. You could start a business is something small such as gardening or dog walking, or take on the larger challenge of starting up a professional business. It really is up to you.


The internet means freelancers are finding it much easier to find work and make a steady income. You could easily find freelance work in any field. Some of the best include writing, photography, graphic design, and catering. Advertise your skills, start networking or apply for jobs on freelance sites online. Whatever you plan to do with your second career, make sure it’s something that you enjoy. If you need further qualifications to get started, consider an online degree such as an online MHA degree, which you could study for around work or other commitments.

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