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September 27, 2017

Will It Be Cheaper or More Expensive to Holiday in Florida Post Hurricane Irma?

Some parts of Florida, such as Tampa and Key West, have been absolutely ravaged by Hurricane Irma. While the world watches from afar offering help in whatever form it's most needed, eventually the tourism industry in Florida is going to have to get back underway. A lot of travellers are wondering has Hurricane Irma increased the risk of disease, which is why the London Travel Clinic is reminding travellers about vaccinations. Certainly, many hotels will be offering steep discounts to travellers and even local amusement parks may offer specials to help entice more people into visiting Florida again. Overall, there are several reasons why holidaying in Florida might be more expensive in some ways and cheaper in others.
Jacksonville, FL after Hurricane Irma

Getting Around Florida After Hurricane Irma

There are roads and even towns that are no longer safe to travel, but it won’t always be that way. Travellers will sometimes need to take alternate routes to get back to their hotels and to various attractions. Whether you drive or take a cab, getting around Florida might be a bit of an issue until all post-Hurricane Irma rebuilding efforts have been completed. On the other hand, you should be able to fly into and out of most international airports in Florida easily, and maybe a little more inexpensively than usual.

Do You Need Additional Vaccinations to Safely Holiday in Florida?

Yes, hurricanes and any other natural disaster can change the environment, making it a bit more risky to travel. The water quality in various parts of Florida may have been compromised by Hurricane Irma and any contaminated flood waters that touched public property are not guaranteed to have been sanitized. You might want to ensure that you are fully up to date on your inoculations, bring lots of disinfectant wipes, keep a few bottles of hand sanitizers in your luggage. Also, talk to your doctor about travelling abroad, specifically to a country that recently went through a devastating natural disaster. He or she will discuss how you can travel the safest way possible.

What Else Might Be Different About Travelling to Florida?

The major hotels in areas heavily impacted by Hurricane Irma might be closed until repairs can be made. If you choose to use a service like Airbnb, you might need to change your reservations or you could be surprised when you see that your travel accommodation has been damaged by flood waters. In general, the mood might be sombre or even upbeat as you meet local residents who have had their lives changed by the devastation of Hurricane Irma. All in all, your trip will be memorable and your holiday will be relaxing, but you can expect this part of the world to have lots of variables until everyone has recovered from Hurricane Irma.

You can look to stay in areas of Florida that are still doing business as usual if you want to be completely safe. There haven’t been any serious disease breakouts in any part of Florida, but driving might be tricky in locations where the roads have been damaged. Florida residents are resilient so expect to be amazed by how normal everything is during your holiday. 

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