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September 21, 2017

YouTube Videos

By EconMatters

YouTube has decided to cancel private subscription channels as they deem they can make more money from ads on increased viewership, and it is in their best interests to eliminate a model that in a fundamental sense hurts their bottom line. The reasoning is they only get a minority of the channel subscription revenue, and viewers willing to pay for videos drops the overall audience views per video dramatically verse the free model. And given that Google keeps all except small pennies on the individual ads they sell per video, they come out ahead by having as many free channels as possible, with free videos and a larger viewership audience versus a much smaller audience which they only receive a minority revenue stream.
Thus the paid channel will be eliminated by year end, so those that already subscribe to EconMatters YouTube Channel make sure you watch all the videos before the service ends sometime in December of this year. I frankly have thought the YouTube management in response to any issues I have had over the years has been rather pathetic, but incompetence abounds so many places these days, that it has just become the cost of doing business in the world these days. I now know that there are costs to offering employees such a playground campus, nobody actually does any real work there, given the responses from my inquiries with the YouTube staff in the past.
At any rate, I may just continual to offer videos on the free YouTube model, but we are negotiating with a couple of Financial Websites for exclusive content arrangements such as Seeking Alpha, that may be an option. Also, I might just discontinue videos altogether and concentrate on writing for EconMatters exclusively, and focus on the book I am writing. Alternatively, EconMatters may send out paid market videos via a mailing list option or store all the videos in the cloud with a link for paid subscribers to view at their discretion. There are pros and cons with each option, so no decision has been made at this point on the matter. I will speak with my tech guy for his input on what makes the most sense, and eventually take some steps on this matter in the future.
I have enjoyed doing the videos, gotten a lot of good feedback, and overall deem this experiment a positive experience. Best of luck with your future endeavors, and thanks for subscribing to my paid YouTube channel, you are quite the diehard fans.



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